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Former Jonson Mountain Boys Members at Wind Gap

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Wind Gap Bluegrass FestivalThe Wind Gap Bluegrass Festival has announced that they are expectin excellent weather but, the best part of all is that former Jonson Mountain Boys members Dudley Connell and Marshall Wilbourn to perform at Wind Gap! The Jonson Mountain Boys performed each year, at Wind Gap from the festival's first year, 1982 until the band retired. They will be with 'Chris Henry & Hardcore Bluegrass' on Saturday.

Advance ticket purchases have ended. There is no time for me to receive the orders and to mail back the tickets. If you mailed an order by Friday, May 20, I will send them on Monday, May 23rd. If you are arriving on Tuesday May 24th and have not received your tickets, I have the records at the gate and you will get them on arrival. Gate opens at 5:00PM on Tuesday, May 24th. The gate opens each day, Wednesday thru Sunday at 8:00AM

The US Navy band will perform at 7:30PM on Thursday evening. All military and vets will be admitted free on Thursday, May 26th. This offer is for the full day. The stage show starts at 3:00PM. Thank you for your service!

The 11th annual Bluegrass Academy will be held on Friday evening, Saturday, and Sunday. The Academy is designed for school age children K thru 12. Older than school age? Please check out the free professional work shops. Instruction will be given by experienced instructors on any bluegrass instrument, as requested by the student.

New this year - A second stage will be open this year on Friday & Saturday. Times and scheduled bands will be posted soon. We will be presenting a site with sound & entertainment of the highest quality.

2016 Artist Lineup includes O'Connor Family Band, Us Navy Band Country Current, Circa Blue, Hillbenders, Junior Sisk & Ramblers Choice, O'Connor Fiddle Duos, Little Roy & Lizzy, Danny Paisley, The Doerfel's, Valerie Smith & Liberty Pike, Eddie & Martha Adcock with Tom Grey, Zink & Company, James Reams & The Barnstormers, Mile Twelve, Louie Setzer, Gribillie Project, Creek Bend, Angelica Grim Family Band, Remington Ryde, Stained Grass Window, Mama Corn, Hub Hollow, Strawberry, The Zepp Family, The Dishonest Fiddlers, Chris Henry & Hardcore Grass, Susie Q, Subject to Change, Wg Bluegrass Academy, Bill & Maggie Anderson, Gordon Thomas Ward, and Dave & Megan.

Mountain View Park is located in a scenic section of eastern Pennsylvania. Camping is free with a weekend ticket. Sorry, no camping with one day tickets. A limited number of electric passes are available at $30 for the entire festival, Tue., May 24th thru Mon., May 31th. Please purchase electric pass in advance. In some years, they sell out before the festival. The camping electric has been greatly upgraded over the years, but still won't support air conditioning or electric cooking. In some areas, coffee pots may be a problem. It is for minimal use only, such as a shower pump, keeping your battery charged, breathing machines, minimal lighting, etc. Every vehicle using electric must have a purchased electric pass, even if one camper is plugged into another. Generators allowed only if they are reasonably quiet. If necessary, the festival staff will decide if they are acceptably quiet.

Please visit for more information regarding tickets, accomodations, electric service and more. Information about the Bluegrass Academy is also online.

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