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Blue Highway's Wayne Taylor Hospitalized - Updated

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Wayne TaylorBlue Highway's highly respected and much loved bass player, songwriter, and vocalist Wayne Taylor has been hospitalized on Friday, May 13, with heart surgery impending on Monday.

Wayne experienced chest pain on Thursday evening, leading him to an Emergency Room visit where a heart attack has been diagnosed. Open heart surgery has been tentatively scheduled for Monday, May 16.

Taylor's wife Sharon relayed that Wayne is resting comfortably, but we would ask you to please remember our band brother Wayne and his wife Sharon in your thoughts and prayers.

Our brother Wayne is as kind and strong a man as has ever been made, who has been blessed to emerge triumphant over both cancer and prior heart issues. We have all faith that Wayne will emerge from this surgery successfully and kicking hard to get back on tour with Blue Highway at the end of the mandatory four-week rest period the doctor has ordered following surgery. Our new young dobro player Gaven Largent has been elected to carry Wayne's bass and amp during the weeks following while lifting restrictions are in place.

Blue Highway concerts are expected to be on-going, as we continue to cheer on Wayne in his recovery!

Updates will be released as available via and

Update ~ Mon May 16: Wayne slept great last night and is in good spirits. The surgery did not occur today as originally expected. A doctor has not come in to schedule that yet, but we're told it now probably won't be until Wednesday at the earliest. Wayne's wife Sharon relays that Wayne is a model patient, and that she is losing patience waiting for doctors to proceed with what they're supposed to be doing! :) Thanks for all your kind comments, messages, and prayers .. they are sincerely appreciated!

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