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Rural Rhythm Records Releases More of their Catalog to Radio Via AirPlay Direct

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Strange New WorldRural Rhythm Records has been releasing their catalog and collections to radio exclusively via AirPlay Direct for some time now. They have been releasing some of the old with some of the new. Their releases have included selections from their Heritage Collection and their Sound Traditions catalogs. Recently, they have released Blue Moon Rising's Strange New World to the AirPlay Direct offerings to radio.

Strange New World is Blue Moon Rising’s fifth career album and their first recording on Rural Rhythm Records. The project combines a very eclectic mix of new original material with West contributing 7 of the 13 tracks. Other writers include: Mike Dekle, Kevin Denney, Becky Buller, Jon Weisberger/Jeremy Garrett and Clint Wilson.

The songs on Strange New World certainly showcase Blue Moon Rising’s range, versatility and maturity as it continually shifts between hard-core traditional bluegrass, blues, gospel, country and singer-songwriter influenced music. If one could paint a picture that captures the subjects and themes from songs like the peppy honky-tonk influenced kick-off track, “Time for Me to Be Moving On,” the soulful blues influenced, “He’s All Around Us” and the haunting and beautiful Kevin Denney original, “My Sitting Window” the painting would represent a Strange New World indeed!

Another selection available to DJs is the outstanding Dogwood Winter by two of our favorite artists, Steve Gulley & Tim Stafford. Gulley explains the origin of Dogwood Winter saying, “This recording project is, quite simply, two good friends and writing partners recording some of their songs in the way they heard them when they were originally written. It was truly a great experience to record and create a collection of music that was all original. Tim has been my primary writing partner for years - as well as a one of my best friends. Besides being a good friend and collaborator, Tim is one of best musicians on the planet, so it was really cool to finally get to work with him in the studio on our own project. I think this a singer-songwriter record in every sense of the word. There’s traditional bluegrass, country-flavored tunes, middle-of-the road ballads and stripped down arrangements with just guitar and vocal. It’s a wide variety of styles but has one underlying theme or focus – the songs themselves.”

Cybergrass has covered other releases to AirPlay Direct by Rural Rhythm over the years. Each of the previous releases has also opened a door into the history of bluegrass music and to the Rural Rhythm Records label. Rural Rhythm Records released a long line of Old-Time Country; Bluegrass & Gospel albums during the label's first two decades after Uncle Jim O'Neal started the label in 1955. Many of these vintage classic albums are still in Rural Rhythm's active catalog available on CD and digital formats. Many songs are still available in the various artist collection titles found in the Sound Traditions series. Various tracks which were previously released only on vinyl records and are coming back to life through the Rural Rhythm Heritage Collection Series.

Rural Rhythm’s Sound Traditions collection titles have helped keep the traditional Bluegrass flame burning for decades and will continue the steady flow of available Old-Time Country, Bluegrass & Gospel titles culled from the treasure trove of masters in the Rural Rhythm Records vault. As Rural Rhythm says, "It's all about the music!"

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