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Hillbilly Gypsies Announce Evolutionary Band Change

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The Hillbilly GypsiesWednesday, January 20th, Trae Buckner of the Hillbilly Gypsies announced a major band shakeup. The band has been together for over a decade playing their own homegrown style of Appalachian old time music, mixed with a hard drivin’ bluegrass sound. The band has announced that three members, Dave Asti, Ty Jaquay and Ryan Cramer have all decided that it is their time to step down and retire from the touring life with the band.

The Hillbilly Gypsies are a West Virginia native string band who specialize in playing their own In addition to their original material, the Hillbilly Gypsies play a mix of traditional bluegrass and catchy old fiddle tunes. They are best appreciated at a live show. The Gypsies perform in the old fashioned style, around a single microphone. Their show has the feel of a barn dance, and it transports you back in time. One thing’s for sure – you’ll want to get up and dance. They’ve been a group for over ten years, and they have played at many national festivals, concert halls, and theaters.

In the announcement, Buckner noted, "This kind of a lifestyle isn't for everyone and they have all decided to focus their time close to home and on family. We want to thank all of these guys for all of the hard work and for their musical contributions. We love each and every person who has come along with us on this musical journey. We couldn't have done it without their help!"

He continued stating, "Jamie Lynn and I want to assure all of our fans and promoters that the Hillbilly Gypsies aren't going anywhere! We have already hired a wonderful backing band and will continue to deliver that hard driving Appalachian and bluegrass thing that we have always been known for! As long as Jamie Lynn and I are breathing and physically able, we well keep on making our music!"

Buckner explained, "Many don't know this but, in the fifteen years that The Hillbilly Gypsies have been a band, we've seen nearly twenty people come and go. It is just a part of the business that we call show. We will deeply miss running the roads with Dave, Ty and Ryan, just as we miss doing that with the others who have been along the journey. But, just remember, once a Gypsy, always a Gypsy!! Stay tuned for some fresh new and very exciting news and music!! We know that you'll be pleasantly surprised and thrilled with what is to come. I know that we sure are!"

Formed from a chance meeting in 2001 in Morgantown, West Virginia, they have been pickin’ and grinnin’ ever since. Trae Buckner and Jamie Lynn Buckner, Jason Teel, Ty Jaquay, and Dave Asti are the members of the group. Trae is featured on guitar and vocals. Jamie Lynn does both lead and harmony vocals. Jason does the bass fiddling for the group. Dave Asti plays banjo, and Ty does the fiddling. The Hillbilly Gypsies truly are a close knit family, mindful of tradition but boldly exploring new styles of acoustic music.

The new lineup of the band should offer a new and fresh sound that this band is known for. Expect some exciting new entertainment for 2016.

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