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Travers Chandler and Steven Dowdy Making it Real

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Steven Dowdy with Travers ChandlerBluegrass artist Travers Chandler announced the pairing for an exciting new band venture with his long time friend and fellow musician, Steven Dowdy. Travers announced, "Well many of you have been asking so I'd like to informally announce the new band venture to our friends. What started as an idea for a sideline project has morphed into a full time band partnership. Steven Dowdy and myself are joining forces to form Chandler and Dowdy."

Travers notes, "Steve is like a brother to me, probably my best friend, and someone who I've wanted to sing with since my stint in The Bluegrass Brothers ten years ago. We have a chemistry that I've never known with anyone else. Steve and I are extremely excited to be joining up to bring you original hard driving music. Most of you have known Steve for many years as an integral part of the Bluegrass Brothers. He is a premier flatpicking stylist, vocalist and a wonderful songwriter."

"The band will feature the talents of one of the great young fiddlers on bluegrass today Doug Meek from Pennsylvania who is best known for his work with Danny Paisley and the Southern Grass where I worked with him. On the bass we will have a relative newcomer to the professional ranks, but a young talent nonetheless in Brandon Kyle from Virginia.

"The new band is currently auditioning for the banjo slot. The band will make its debut at Cabin Fever in Virginia Beach in March. A formal announcement will follow and we are booking for this year and beyond.

"An album is currently in the planning stages as we seek label representation. I have always loved the Dowdys, and consider Steves dad Victor Dowdy to be a huge influence on us, and someone I personally admire as one of the greatest singers in the history of bluegrass. We are very excited for our future and look forward to seeing our many friends on the Bluegrass trail. Stay tuned!"

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