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The Karl Shiflett & Big Country Show sign with Patuxent Music

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Karl Shiflett & Big CountryGroesbeck, TX -- The Karl Shiflett & Big Country Show recently signed a recording contract with Patuxent Music out of Rockville, Maryland. The long established label is owned and operated by Bluegrass musician and sound engineer Tom Mindte. The band is excited about the label and the new recording. "It's a real pleasure to record and work with a top notch professional sound engineer like Tom Mindte. He has a real interest and passion for the music and the musicians and it's evident in every recording he produces."

The band spent the days of December 14th thru the 17th, 2015 in the studio laying down tracks for the new recording. The new project will be titled Sho-Nuff Country and will take up where KSBC's last project left off as a continued collection of tunes Karl heard and learned while growing up in Texas in the 1960's. The project feature's material from unforgettable country artists like Hank Williams, Bob Wills, Don Gibson, Hank Thompson, George Jones, Bill Monroe, The Carter Family and many others. The new project will also include a previously unrecorded song written by the late and great Monroe Fields. Karl sings seven classic country numbers on the new CD (in high fashion) proving once again how bluegrass and classic country music go hand in hand.

A highlight of the new project features four vocal numbers by fiddler Billy Hurt and banjo player Brennen Ernst. Two of the numbers are duets and feature some powerful twin fiddling by Billy Hurt and special guest fiddler Casey Driscoll. One number features a trio consisting of Billy Hurt, Brennen Ernst and Tom Mindte, while the last of the four songs features a solo by Billy Hurt with vocal calls from the entire band.

Four instrumentals were recorded. A 1930's swing number featuring Billy Hurt on fiddle and Brennen Ernst on guitar. In addition an Ole-time fiddle number featuring the twin fiddling of Billy Hurt and guest fiddler Casey Driscoll. Brennen Ernst shines on a band favorite banjo number, while Justin Harrison renders a straight forward bluegrass mandolin instrumental. All in all an impressive 15 track collection of material performed in top notch fashion.

A release date has not been set as of yet but the new project is expected to be available by mid to late spring. Karl and the band are excited as they feel it is their best recording to date.

Karl sums it up like this: "This band without a doubt is the most versatile edition of the KSBC Show I have ever worked with. As a group we are playing music that is dear to our hearts for we all share a deep love, respect and passion for bluegrass and old time country music. When I listen to what we laid down, I think about our musical heroes, and the various styles that developed during the Golden Age of Country Music. Each style distinctively different yet each influencing and overlapping the other. I take great pride in presenting and showcasing a band that has the ability, knowledge and talent to present such a broad spectrum of musical styles. If you’re a fan of bluegrass, ole-time fiddling, western swing, honk-tonk and classic country our new CD Sho-Nuff Country is custom made for you."

Check out the band and their tour dates at and wonderful bluegrass catalog of music from Patuxent Music at

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