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· Why the new CYBERGRASS®?

The New CYBERGRASS® has a purpose! Cybergrass is the home of the Bluegrass Music News Network and we provide daily articles on bluegrass music. We also do reviews of new releases, event announcements and share ideas and commentary about bluegrass music.

Some people have asked why the New Cybergrass. The answer is simple -- to give you more of what you're looking for. This is a web site for you so please tell us what you want here. As technology evolves so must we. This is our 5th major revision of the site since its early text-only beginnings.

We want to achieve a large dialog of bluegrass, acoustic and Americana/roots music ideas, news, and other topics related to what is going on with Acoustic music.

· Can anybody send us articles to use on CYBERGRASS®?

Yes. If you have something of interest in your acoustic music world, let us know. Use the "Contact Us" page for more info.

· Where is the music?

The music died with DMCA. Also, royalty licensing became a royal pain. Not only did BMI and ASCAP charge us (we didn't mind) but so did the equivalent organizations in every country start to put their hands into our pockets. With DMCA, they also want label and producer royalties. Eventually, royalty payments exceeded 200% of our total gross revenue. We couldn't afford it. Once they ever get the blanket licensing worked out, we'll gladly return music to the site. We need your help though. We can't pay for the music if we don't get a lot of traffic so spread the word about the new Cybergrass!

· What is CYBERGRASS®?

CYBERGRASS® is a private company that began operating on the web in 1992. Cybergrass has had a lot of firsts on the Internet but the most important is that the site has always been a great place for Bluegrass and Acoustic music information. We used to carry music and other entertainment however modern licensing has made that option go away. Even with the support of most record labels, it just isn't feasible at this time.

Our purpose is to promote bluegrass music. Help us by promoting your music in your area too. Please become active on our forums and submit major items of news interest to our web site. In that way, it becomes your web site too.

· Who owns CYBERGRASS®?

Bob Cherry created the first bluegrass web site on September 9, 1992 while working on an electronic documentation project. His site was hosted on the Xerox PARC Vax server. This was one of the first 10 websites with content. It got the name Cybergrass in 1995 thanks to Karen Quick.

Bob worked at Xerox in research doing imager design, electro-optical VLSI, Artificial Intelligence, advanced reprographics, computer graphics and electronic documentation from 1980-1995. As a member of the Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) in the 80's, he helped write the test suite to validate LISP language compilers. Bob has multiple patents including the Optical Mouse and Satellite Audio Broadcasting System. He has also been published in technology journals.

From 1995-2003, he worked on advanced networking protocols including Voice Over IP (VoIP), security systems for financial institutions, and E-Commerce.

He was active in the Microsoft anti-trust case providing remedy input to Drexel Sprecher for the prosecution in the Microsoft Antitrust case. His primary input was regarding the OLE interfaces and functionality as well as input on operating Windows software on non-Windows platforms.

In addition to running Cybergrass, he is also a Cyber-Security consultant and independent contractor residing in Colorado.

He was the past president of the Colorado Bluegrass Music Society (CBMS), on the Telecommunications Committee for the International Bluegrass Music Association (IBMA) and remains active in bluegrass music.


Welcome to CYBERGRASS® - The Internet's Bluegrass Music Newspaper! Where There's Always Something New in Bluegrass!

We're not a blog although, we used to be. We have evolved into an online newspaper providing serious bluegrass music news. Many blog type sites are today and gone tomorrow. Many become obsolete and stop losing interest over time. Cybergrass has been in continuous operation longer than anybody. Our history speaks for itself. We're the first news source dedicated to bluegrass music on the web.

Why Cybergrass®? The answer is simple. We're an innovator and a leader of providing bluegrass music information on the Internet.

  1. The first bluegrass web site & first music web site (September 9, 1992)
  2. The first web site to carry a music awards show (Grammys for Adam Curry's Metaverse) (1995)
  3. The first web site to carry the IBMA awards show and continuously since (1996)
  4. The first web site licensed (BMI) to carry music on the net (1997)
  5. The first web site to have a free, searchable bluegrass festival calendar database online. (1994)
  6. The first web site to carry artist profiles (1993)
  7. The first web site to carry bluegrass music news (1994)
  8. The first web site to carry syndicated bluegrass content (2003)
  9. The first web site to carry syndicated bluegrass content from others (1998)
  10. The first web site to carry current/daily bluegrass news (2000)
  11. The first bluegrass music blog (2003)
  12. The first bluegrass News Network - BMNN (2004)

We've had many firsts. Cybergrass was one of the first 10 web sites using the NCSA/Cern implementation in the world. Cybergrass is the best news and events resource for bluegrass on the net. Why? Because we're the first to use new technology for the benefit of bluegrass music information.

We created the first IBMA and IBMM Web sites. We helped many others get started on the web and most of those sites are still operating today.

While some other bluegrass sites claim they were the first, we were on the net many years before the others. Some sites added features we had years earlier and claim they are the first. Cybergrass has always been the site others follow. Through true innovation, we continue to be a leader in bluegrass music promotion.

We've started the Bluegrass Music News Network (BMNN) and post press releases and news of bluegrass music to a wide audience.

Cybergrass has been promoting bluegrass music since 1992 - longer than any other web site and we have an established readership of over 2000 registered users. Our content is carried on sites around the world and all over the U.S. Bands, other bluegrass sites, news outlets and many others carry the Cybergrass news. Why? Because it is reliable, accurate and current. News is posted daily on Cybergrass.

· CYBERGRASS® Terms & Conditions

CYBERGRASS® reserves the right to accept or refuse any editorial contant that we receive. There is no guarantee that any material submitted will be used.

CYBERGRASS® reserves the right to edit all content submitted by others. This includes text, images and multimedia. Images may be substituted with file images or may be created by CYBERGRASS® for use in articles we run.

Press Releases, Reviews and other content may be edited to fit our style guidelines, to improve readability and to add interest to the material submitted. This may include the addition of multimedia, biographical text or other content.

All submissions must be newsworthy and a minimum of four full paragraphs. Announcements indicating an artist will play some venue on a given date will not be considered for publication.

Visit us often and thank you for reading Cybergrass.

· What about Intellectual Property

CYBERGRASS® is a United States Registered Trademark and our logo and morphing graphics are a part of that trademark. The name Cybergrass, the domain name and all references are protected.

Our content protected in two ways

Cybergrass Originated
Content which we write or create is Copyright by CYBERGRASS® and all rights are reserved. Syndicated Cybergrass content is governed by the Creative Commons License requiring no derivitive works and attribution for it's authorship. Commercial use is permitted.

Other Author Originated
Articles, music, software or other content provided by people not a part of Cybergrass is Copyright and the Property of the poster. The use on Cybergrass is covered by a secondary Cybergrass Copyright. The poster retains their primary copyright.

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