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The Expedition Show Reflects on a Great October 2011

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The Expedition Show coverThe bluegrass band, The Expedition Show, sent us a note telling us how gracious October was to them. With a great album topping the charts, it certainly was. The band tells us, "October has been just wonderful for The Expedition Show with news of #1 chart action and stellar reviews of our latest CD. This month's Bluegrass Unlimited magazine features an outstanding review of our self-titled CD stating "The Expedition Show often exploits a certain tension between classic and contemporary bluegrass to wonderful effect". And, "The Expedition Show is built to thrive on this kind of diversity because the band is happy to sound like itself rather than following trends."

Wayne and Kimberly give the two excellent and quite different lead singers that empower The Expedition Show's facility for both old bluegrass and modern bluegrass". The CD is also reviewed in this month's Bluegrass Music Profiles which states, "The Expedition Show's self-titled CD is one of the best projects released this year".

Sirius XM's Bluegrass Junction declared our CD as #1 on their Most Played Albums chart and our single, "I Can't Keep You In Love With Me" as #1 on their Most Played Tracks chart. Here's a couple more charts we are included on:

  • #13 Roots Music Report Top 50 Bluegrass CDs
  • #15 Bluegrass Today for "I Can't Keep You In Love With Me" (week of 10/28)

The Expedition Show gives thanks to all the DJs for playing their music and to their faithful followers for making your requests. Remember, if you haven't already received your copy of The Expedition Show on Mountain Fever Records, you can order it directly from them here or online via iTunes.

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