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James Reams & The Barnstormers Release Single to Radio

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Rhyme & SeasonJust in time for the holidays, James Reams is excited to offer a pre-release for DJs only from his upcoming album, Rhyme & Season, planned for release in the spring 2016. Being back in the recording studio again has been a magical experience for James Reams. There’s just something about putting on those “cans” and singing into a big mic that gets the adrenaline pumping and the fingers flying!

The song that James chose for this pre-release is “Songbird” which quickly became a favorite for the whole band. This song represents the other side of the story, the cry of the one left behind as the free spirit leaves for parts unknown. The upbeat melody creates the hope that someone somewhere loves them still. We hope this song will become a favorite for your listeners too!

All the songs on this new album will celebrate the perpetual pilgrim in all of us while raising awareness about the different faces of the homeless. National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week is coming up November 14-22 and we hope you will give some airtime to this brand new release and help raise awareness about those living on the margins, especially during this season of giving.

As James pulled together the material for the new album, he knew that this project needed to focus on something other than songs about the hills and hollers or honky tonks. It needed to be personal and meaningful on a whole new level. He felt compelled to describe a journey that had no rhyme or reason, one that reflected the many seasons of life. Rhyme & Season touches on topics that affect so many in this great country – those who have chosen the nomadic life and others who were left with no choice.

This new album celebrates the perpetual pilgrim that lives within all of us with the goal of raising awareness about those who live on the razor-sharp edge of homelessness. According to James, "My intention is to embrace a wide range of human emotion from happiness and love to loss and sorrow, and over it all to express the hope I feel about the future. As I listened to some old gems, I was once again amazed at the depth that bluegrass music brings to understanding the human character. These songs inspired me to add my own contribution to the album in the form of original material that touches on similar issues affecting our world today."

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