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Kathy Boyd & Phoenix Rising are 2015 IMEA Bluegrass Group of the Year

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IMEA Bluegrass Group of the YearThe members of Kathy Boyd & Phoenix Rising have been truly touched by the greetings, well wishes and compliments that have been sent these past few days since the group was announced as the International Music and Entertainment Association's 3rd Annual IMEA Awards 2015 Bluegrass Group of the Year.

Kathy said, "Because technical difficulties kept you from hearing it live, we thought it only fitting that you have the opportunity to read what Kathy had to say when she accepted the award on behalf of the group. (This is as remembered. . . . it was a bit off the cuff at the time!)"

She continued, "For the past ten years all I have wanted is for three very special men to receive the recognition they so very much deserve. Dennis Nelson, Tom Tower, Tim Crosby. . . thank you for sticking with me and being the other three-quarters of my soul. I thank the universe for seeing fit for us to all find each other in this lifetime."

In their acceptance, she extended gratutued commenting, "Thank you to our families for understanding our professional relationship and the depths of our friendships. Most of all, we thank the radio disc jockeys, the event promoters, our friends and our fans who continue to support and believe in us and who are responsible for our winning this award tonight. God Bless You one and all!"

There were 50 categories awarded this year to IMEA members from all over the world. We were truly honored to be among the nominees and to have Kathy open the ceremonies by speaking on what it means to be an entertainer.

The band will have a full blog with photos up on our social media sites, Reverb Nation and main website soon. We hope you'll check them out and enjoy our journey as much as we have!

Kathy Boyd & Phoenix Rising is all about the stories, and stories of everyday America are what you get from these four personable entertainers. Members include the 2008 RMA Bluegrass Songwriter of the Year, the 2010 City Love Music Songwriter of the Year, and a member who's songs have been compared to those written by Woody Guthrie and Bruce Springsteen.

Warm hearted, personable and fun, Kathy Boyd & Phoenix Rising are an ensemble who connect with the audience both on and off the stage. With multiple CD's receiving airplay around the world, this group has fans everywhere they go, and they work social media well to stay connected with those fans at all times. Bring Kathy Boyd & Phoenix Rising to your event and the world will know about it! This group is guaranteed to deliver. Connecting with people is what these folks are all about!

The IMEA Awards are presented annually by the International Music and Entertainment Association (IMEA). IMEA is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and serving as an advocate to individuals and organizations within the performing arts and entertainment industries. The IMEA Awards were developed to honor and recognize the best in independent music and entertainment, internationally.

The two other groups competing for the award were Chosen Road and Ned Crisp & Bottomline.

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