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World of Bluegrass is Over

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The EndBy Bob Cherry
World of Bluegrass is over, all the folks headed home
Tired from excitement, jams and the hallways they roamed
Their instruments all packed snug in their cases
Their memories full of good times and happy smiling faces

The awards placed neatly on the shelves for display
Smart phone photos and some videos to play
Lots of CDs, papers and such
Things that were important, don't matter much

The storms are behind us, the weather is clear
We've consumed our quota of Blue Ribbon beer
Hotel rooms are empty; campers are gone
The pets are happy to see you and out on the lawn

Monday is coming the day job is near
Already planning the event for next year
Rest is in order for the rest of the day
It was sure fun to spend a week with music and play

So we bid farewell to good times and friends
Knowing that all good things must come to an end
But the show isn't over, for that have no fear
And prepare for what bluegrass brings us next year

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