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2015 Walnut Valley Festival Instrument Champions Announced

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Steve Moore Receiving BanjoWinfield, KS -- The 2015 edition of the Walnut Valley Festival wrapped up Sunday evening, after a great festival filled with lots of music, food, arts and craft and numerous hours of national and International acoustic instrument championship competitions. The various championship contests annually bring musicians to the small south central Kansas community from around the world to test their skills against other players who also rank among the top percentage in the world of pickers with their particular acoustic stringed instrument.

Held annually each year on the 3rd weekend in September, the Walnut Valley Festival is the home of the International Autoharp Championship, the International Fingerstyle Guitar, the National Mountain Dulcimer, the National Flat Pick Guitar Championship, the National Hammered Dulcimer Championship and the National Bluegrass Banjo Championship. Other contests held at the Walnut Valley Festival are the National Mandolin Championship and the Walnut Valley Old Time Fiddle.

The Walnut Valley Festival sponsors eight instrumental contests. Several "big name" artists today (Mark O'Connor, Alison Krauss, Chris Thile, Peter Ostroushko, to name a few) can attest to being a "Winfield Winner" in their earlier years. The contests are well-attended since most contestants bring their contingent of fans and there are others who simply want to be able to say, ten years from now, "I remember back when he won Winfield."

For 2015, these are the outstanding instrumentalists who were awarded their championship awards:

2015 International Autoharp Contest

  • 1st Place Winner: George Haig, Durfermline, Fife, Scotland
  • 2nd Place Winner: Cindy Harris, Pittsburgh, PA
  • 3rd Place Winner: Marti Knauer, Springfield, MO

2015 International Finger Style Guitar Championships

  • 1st Place Winner: David Youngman, Hillsdale, MI
  • 2nd Place Winner: Jack Wilson, Elk Grove Village, IL
  • 3rd Place Winner: Lance Allen, Smyrna, TN

2015 National Mountain Dulcimer Championships

  • 1st Place Winner: Jonathan Schultes, Tulsa, OK
  • 2nd Place Winner: Freddy Brown, Scottsville, KY
  • 3rd Place Winner: Daniel Worden, Kremmling, CO

2015 National Mandolin Championships

  • 1st Place Winner: David Goldenberg, Chesterfield, MO
  • 2nd Place Winner: Miles Thompson, Hendersonville, TN
  • 3rd Place Winner: Garrett Wren, Takoma Park, MD

2015 Walnut Valley Old Time Fiddle Championships

  • 1st Place Winner: Tristan Clarridge, Kensington, CA
  • 2nd Place Winner: Jason Shaw, Lincoln, NE
  • 3rd Place Winner: Regina Scott, Tulsa, OK

2015 National Guitar Flat Pick Championships

  • 1st Place Winner: Scott Fore, Radford, VA
  • 2nd Place Winner: Steve Kaufman, Alcoa, TN
  • 3rd Place Winner: John Shaw, Lincoln, NE

2015 National Hammer Dulcimer Championships

  • 1st Place Winner: Tina Gugeler, Erie, CO
  • 2nd Place Winner: Ilace Mears, Saddlebrooke, MO
  • 3rd Place Winner: Kyle Paxton, Santa Rosa Beach, FL

2015 National Bluegrass Banjo Championships

  • 1st Place Winner: Steven Moore, St. Clairsville, OH
  • 2nd Place Winner: Kyle Tuttle, Nashville, TN
  • 3rd Place Winner: Matt Davis, Murfreesboro, TN

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