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Cedar Creek Management adds The Kody Norris Show to Roster

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Kody NorrisCedar Creek Management is excited to announce the addition of The Kody Norris show to their roster. Kody has appeared on television several times but is most known from his appearances on the RFD Cumberland Highlanders show from Jerusalem Ridge, Kentucky.

A seasoned performer, Kody and his band bring to the stage traditional bluegrass music with a flair only Kody Norris can deliver. Entertaining, energy, style and professionalism describes The Kody Norris Show. Kody Norris is young, confident, and bluegrass proud. He’s been fronting his own band now for over nine years, but he’s been playing bluegrass music for much longer. Kody grew up in Mountain City, Tennessee. According to Norris, playing bluegrass in the traditional style is the only way he knows how to play it – or wants to play it.

His bright colored suits are reminiscent of Jimmy Martin, and his sound carries you back to the early days of bluegrass. Although he respects and appreciates other music styles, his first love is bluegrass. Despite his young age, Norris’s stage presence and musical ability place him in the ranks of seasoned, veteran performers. Kody has played with various bands and also performed with his idol, Dr. Ralph Stanley.

Joining Kody is Mary Rachel Nalley on Mandolin and Fiddle, Jake Burrows on Banjo, Michael Feagan on Fiddle and Ben Silcox on Bass. Always maintaining a sharp professional appearance, complete with colorful rhinestone suits and cowboy hats, The Kody Norris Show gives a bluegrass fan one of the most solid, entertaining and animated performances they will ever experience. The performances of The Kody Norris Show are reminiscent of traditional bluegrass artists, yet Kody brings his own special, distinct flair to the music. The band works regularly on the Cumberland Highlanders Show, a weekly Bluegrass Program on the nationally acclaimed RFD-TV network. From the first note, The Kody Norris Show will fully captivate your attention and make you laugh, cry, and stomp your feet all in one performance.

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