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Urban Monroes Offer New App for Your Phones

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Sweethearts of Ours, Can’t You Hear Us Callin? Urban Monroes Are On Your Phones! The Urban Monroes would like anyone that might be interested to know that they have a new mobile app. It’s available by typing into a favorite device browser or by going to and tapping or clicking on the mobile app icon. Now the band can really be, well, “on the phone.”

The app will allow fans of the band to listen to the 18 tracks currently uploaded, view video clips, and generally keep tabs on what the band is up to. It’s free and doesn’t even require going to an “app store” for the download.

So if someone ever wanted to travel with the band, this is that big chance to take the Urban Monroes along without the expense of feeding and lodging the whole group. The band is also excited about being able to go along for the ride.

So sit down at StarBucks, put that itty bitty speaker at eleven and hope the barista doesn't crank up the cappucino machine during your favorite song.

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