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"Run Away Tonight" Captured and Available Now

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Run Away TonightNashville, TN -- In the first week of release, Chris Jones & the Night Drivers' Run Away Tonight has debuted at #11 on Billboard's Bluegrass Album Chart. This years marks the 20th anniversary of Jones' 1995 founding of the band. Run Away Tonight is certainly a great way to celebrate 20 years of performing.

With two award-winning songwriters in the Chris Jones & the Nights Drivers —Jones took the International Bluegrass Music Association’s Song of the Year trophy in 2007, while Weisberger earned the organization’s first-ever Songwriter of the Year title in 2012—it’s no surprise that Run Away Tonight focuses on original material. The duo co-wrote the first single, the infectious, old-time-flavored “Laurie,” and six other songs. Luberecki and Stoffel each contribute one new instrumental, making Chris Jones & The Night Drivers one of the few contemporary bands to continue the old bluegrass tradition of two instrumentals per album.

The combination of talent, persistence, humor and thoughtfulness makes this band one of music’s most distinctive and durable acts. Twenty years? For Chris Jones & The Night Drivers, it’s only the beginning. Part of the musical depth of Chris Jones & The Night Drivers’ new Mountain Home release Run Away Tonight is due to the longevity not just of the group. Ask Chris Jones about reaching the 20th anniversary of his career as front man for the Night Drivers and the answer is likely to be some expression of Jones’ characteristic sense of humor. “Three of us have been playing together for well over half of that time, and our newest member has been with us more than eight years. We should at least know each other’s phone numbers by now.”

The album is available now after being released at the end of August. On their release night Chris Jones & the Night Drivers performed at the iconic Station Inn.

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