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Urban Monroes Release New Single “On My Way”

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On My WayDeep in the heart of nearly every bluegrass musician is an “Old Home Place” desire, a longing to lyrically recreate the places where childhood memories intersect adult nostalgia. In 2015, the little cabin homes on the hill are getting fewer and farther between, and often that well beaten path on the old mountainside may have wandered through a subdivision. That is irrelevant to the feeling of home though and the emotions it brings forth. The Urban Monroes’ latest single release is one of those trips to the places of childhood and a romp through the Midwest countryside.

Fashioned from the heart of tradition and infused with adrenaline, the Urban Monroes’ bluegrass style combines the skills of some of the Pacific Northwest's finest talent. Fast-paced and highly energetic, the band performs both original and traditional bluegrass with a style and delivery uniquely its own.

Written by the Urban Monroes’ Fran Kent, the song entitled “On My Way” embodies the excitement of returning home to find it just way you hoped it would be. Inspired by recent trips to Illinois to visit friends and family, “On My Way” is also the first installment from the band’s next album. The as of yet unnamed recording will be all original music written by band members with a contribution or two from some of those near and dear to the band. Look for the entire project in the months ahead, but for now this first single is available for DJ’s to download at AirPlay Direct at the following Url

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