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Review: The SteelDrivers Still Give All Their Soul

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The SteelDriversThree-time Grammy nominees The SteelDriver have released their latest project, The Muscle Shoals Recordings and with Gary Nichols replacing Chris Stapleton, the soul of that SteelDrivers sound is all still there. When the band first came on the scene, I commented that they put the blues back into bluegrass. Bill Monroe, himself, injected his own blues sound into the style and then it disappeared for awhile. Well, The SteelDrivers have it all back and more. Here's a band that has honed their talent to put out an outstanding release with all the edge and soul that this band is known for.

This band isn't your mama's Oldsmobile. It is not another cookie-cutter sound-alike bluegrass band. They are unique in every dimension from their music, their vocals and their songwriting. It doesn't fit the mold and, that is exactly what makes their sound so wonderful. With Richard Bailey on banjo, Mike Fleming on Bass and Vocals, Fiddler Tammy Rogers share vocals also while Gary Nichols' Guitar and vocals work with Brent Truitt on Mandolin to give that overall driving sound of this band.

The SteelDrivers: The Music Shoals RecordingsThis latest offering just debuted at the #1 spot on the Billboard Bluegrass Chart. That will give you some idea of the power in this album. All the reviews I've seen to date are raving about The Muscle Shoals Recordings and, for good reason. Right out of the box and into the lead track, you're knocked out of your chair with that old familiar SteelDrivers sound. That carries on through the album with "Drinkin' Alone," "California Chainshaw" and more.

The dark themes are there too. "Day Before Temptation" leads you down another ballad styled song. "River Runs Red" was also presented as a video and while it may be the last track on the album, it is one of the highlights of this work. Another storyline song presented in their soulful style. Their story like tales resound with "Six Feet Away" and "Hangin' Around" where the listener can relate even if they have never been in the situation themselves. Bluegrass music is this kind of music.

The SteelDrivers have staying power because they're just outstanding in every dimension of their music. It doesn't get much better than this. They top the charts, receive rave review and are requested coast to coast because they stand out from the crowd. You can't get too much of The SteelDrivers.

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