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Inaugural Monroe Mandolin Camp Video Competition

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Monroe Mandolin Camp Video CompetitionNashville, TN -- Announcing the Inaugural Monroe Mandolin Camp Annual Video Scholarship Competition. Mon Man Camp is looking or fun, creative videos of candidates performing a Bill Monroe composition, and telling us why this music is important to them! The winning candidate will be awarded a full scholarship, including tuition, lodging, meals, and t-shirt to the September 9 - 13, 2015, "Mon Man Camp" being held in Kingston Springs, TN (just outside of Nashville).

Using Bill Monroe's mandolin style as the guide for the camp and their belief that there are like-minded souls who desire the sound of hard-edged and emotionally-charged traditional bluegrass, they created the Monroe Mandolin Camp. The camp found there is a vibrant and committed community of players of all ages and backgrounds who are willing to go to the ends of the earth to find "that sound." They believe that this music is still one of the most vibrant and valid mandolin languages in the world and in the words of Mr. Bill, "'s powerful".

Monroe Mandolin CampThe mission of the MonManCamp is simply to further the legacy left by the Father of Bluegrass Music, Bill Monroe. Our goals for camp are to:

  • Present a curriculum that helps players understand the culture that created this music, and the techniques needed to apply this knowledge to their own musical endeavors.
  • Educate contemporary mandolin enthusiasts about the stylistic elements and backbone of this art form
  • Preserve the music created and recorded by Bill Monroe

All entries will be judged on Authenticity, Execution, Originality & Creativity, Difficulty, and Technique. Candidates must also answer:

  • Why is this camp, and the study of Bill Monroe's music, and traditional bluegrass mandolin music important?
  • Why does the candidate want to come to Mon Man Camp?
  • What doe the candidate expect to take away from the camp?

For full details about the camp, visit

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