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Helen Highwater Stringband Joins Roe Entertainment Roster

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Left to Right - David Grier, Shad Cobb, Missy Raines, Mike ComptonMaryville, TN -- Jim Roe of Roe Entertainment is pleased to welcome Helen Highwater Stringband to his roster of artists for exclusive booking representation. Shad Cobb, Mike Compton, David Grier and Missy Raines, all whom have forged a musical path as individuals for several decades each, have joined forces to form Helen Highwater Stringband.

Shad Cobb is a powerful and nuanced fiddler who draws from deep traditions and has played for the Osborne Brothers, Willie Nelson, Steve Earle, Marty Raybon, Mike Snider, and the John Cowan Band. Mike Compton is known as the Monroe-style mandolin player and has played with John Hartford and the Nashville Bluegrass Band, and he has received Grammy awards for his work on the movie O Brother Where Art Thou. David Grier was named an Artist of the Decade in 2000 by Guitar Player magazine, has received the International Bluegrass Music Association (IBMA) Guitar Player of the Year award three times, and has played on four Grammy award-winning albums. Missy Raines is a 7-time IBMA Bass Player of the Year winner, a former member of the Claire Lynch and Eddie & Martha Adcock bands and also performed as a duo with Jim Hurst. If there ever was a true "supergroup," Helen Highwater Stringband is it.

Journalist, Craig Havighurst sums the band up perfectly stating, "Cobb, Compton, Grier and Raines. Musicians who play with precision and exquisite synchronization. Singing around one microphone, their music is immaculately quantized, yet incredibly human, like a heart. Everything about stringband timing wrapped up in that relaxed, tick-tock, rock-steady beat and there's nobody better in the world than these veterans."

"It's not very often that a new band with an incredible line up like this comes around," states Jim Roe of Roe Entertainment. "I was extremely excited when we first started talking about working together. When I first heard them I was amazed at Shad Cobb's vocals and songwriting since I didn't realize he had that talent. But with this band, all four are vocalists and some of the best pickers on their respective instruments you will ever see and hear. What really excites me, is that this band is willing to play as many dates as we can find them."

"We are thrilled and grateful to be represented by Jim Roe and Roe Entertainment," states Mike Compton. "Jim has a great reputation in the industry and we are looking forward to a fruitful relationship with him. We'll be expecting to hit the circuit with as many performances as possible with Roe Entertainment on our team!"

Helen Highwater Stringband will be represented exclusively by Jim Roe of Roe Entertainment and is currently accepting offers for 2015 and beyond. For more information, please visit To learn more about Helen Highwater Stringband, visit

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