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Help Fund the Return of Bluegrass Music to Burning Man 2015

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Burning Man BluegrassOnce again, our bluegrass artist and friend, Andy Owens, is on a quest to once again bring Bluegrass Music to the huge Burning Man Arts Festival held in the Nevada desert. This event is huge, 75,000 people but very little live music and even less, if any, Bluegrass music. One of the things Bill Monroe told Andy to do is take Bluegrass to places where its not, so he has follow those directions. Andy has played in over fifty countries but Burning Man is the toughest one of all. The Bluegrass to Burning Man Kickstarter Campaign is just ramping up. This is a marvelous concept to introduce a very large crowd to bluegrass music in a unique way.

Andy says, "Hello ya'll my name is Andy Owens and I am the organizer of what is called a Themecamp for the Burning Man event out in Nevada. That makes me a Theme Camp Organizer in the vernacular of Burning Man. Our camp is called Rootpile and this will be our third trip out to Burning Man. Burners usually have a Burner Name, my Burner name is Fixxer."

While Burning Man is an awesome event, there is not much live music and most of the music is some kind of electronic stuff. Our mission as a camp is to bring Bluegrass Music to Burning Man. To accomplish that we have a stationary stage in our camp and we also have an approved ArtCar which is a giant banjo trailer stage and sound system pulled by a vehicle mutated into a log cabin.

Our camp is made up of a combination of accomplished Bluegrass musicians for our core pro level band, intermediate Bluegrass musicians a for in camp jam sessions and other folks who are just willing to camp with us and support our mission.

We had a successful trip to Burning Man last year, and a successful Kickstarter campaign and we plan to do the same this time. We are raising money to build a permanent artcar pull vehicle that we will leave out in Nevada, helping lower our transport costs in the future. We also have expenses for fuel, travel money for our professional musicians who are giving up about two weeks of work to attend, fuel for our artcar and generators for the camp and for our year round storage unit in Fernley Nevada. Our goal for this Kickstarter is $7777 and it will help a lot if we make our goal, but even that amount wont cover our entire costs, but it will definitely help.

The desert is void of bluegrass music. There is electronica and styles of music throughout the various camps but, the sound of mandolins, banjos, fiddles, bass and acoustic guitars needs its place too. Help Andy fulfill Bill Monroe's request and bring bluegrass to a not-so-bluegrass world -- Burning Man Arts Festival.

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