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Experience Blistered Fingers Bluegrass Festival June 17-21

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Blistered FingersGet Calluses, Get Blistered at the 44th Blistered Fingers Family Bluegrass Music Festival held June 17 through 20 at the Litchfield Fairgrounds in Litchfield, Maine. Some of the greatest Bluegrass music can be heard at one of the largest family musical events in New England. Blistered Fingers is a fast- moving traditional Bluegrass Band from the central Maine area that travels extensively around the northeast and eastern Canada.

Blistered Fingers' obvious love of bluegrass, their fans, and field picking makes Blistered Fingers a special group with their delightful mix of original material, soulful ballads and hard driving traditional bluegrass music with a little good humor thrown in. The Bluegrass Festival takes place twice every year and brings thousands of music lovers from all over the world to Litchfield, Maine, to hear banjos, fiddles, and high, lonesome harmonies. This event features many worldwide and local bands. This festival has something for all ages and has occurred every June and August since 1991.

Blistered Fingers Bluegrass Festival location is at the Litchfield Fairgrounds (30 Plains Road, Litchfield, Maine). Directions are located on the flyers or on the Web site. The festival grounds have a big stage that was built in 2010, 18 women’s and 18 men’s indoor bathroom facilities, four free hot showers and numerous water hookups throughout the grounds, electrical hookups. The festival location has that ‘Welcome Home’ Country atmosphere. Everyone who attends loves our hard grounds. We also have a lot of Field picking through the whole time of the festival.” said Sandy Cormier, the promoter of the festival along with her husband, Greg Cormier.

We have the Blistered Fingers Kids Academy. Blistered Fingers and the Bluegrass Music Association of Maine have gotten together to create a free, relaxed, informative three day music program for children for ages 6-18. The focus is how to play, sing and perform bluegrass music. Students will bring their own instruments and will commit to the three day program. The kids all get a Free T-Shirt and perform a couple of songs as a group on Main stage. We’re all so proud!!

The gates will open at 8 a.m. on Sunday, June 14, 2015. Weekend tickets for each festival will cover four days of great music and camping from Wednesday to Saturday and Sunday Morning Gospel Sing Along and Jam. There will be several types of vendors located on the grounds.


  • The Gibson Brothers ~ (NY) ~ Sat.
  • Little Roy & Lizzy Long~ (GA & TN) ~ Sat.
  • Danny Paisley & Southern Grass ~ (PA) ~ Fri.
  • The cleverlys ~ (MO) ~ Wed.
  • The Kevin Prater Band ~ (KY) ~ Thurs., Fri
  • Trinity River Band ~ (FL) ~ Thurs.
  • Wilf Clark & Misty Mountaineers ~ (ME) ~ Fri., Sat.
  • Zink & Company ~ (MA) ~ Sat.
  • The Baker Family ~ (MO) ~ Fri., Sat.
  • Phat Burger Deluxe ~ (ME) ~ Wed., Thurs., Fri.
  • Robinson Gospel Sing Along & Jam ~ (MA) ~ Sun.
  • Blistered Fingers ~ (ME) ~ Sat.

For more about the festival, tickets, directions and other information, visit

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