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Scott Tackett Releases Solo Project “Lookin’ Back”

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Scott Tackett - Lookin’ BackIrvine, KY -- Kindred Records has released the CD "Looking Back" by Olive Hill, Ky artist Scott Tackett. The studio project that brought together the popular bluegrass group Hammertowne in 2011 has over half the 12 tracks written by Scott or co-written with Dave Carroll. A good mix of hard driving bluegrass, soulful ballads, and outstanding vocal performances by Scott (rhythm guitar), Dave (lead guitar), and Doug Burchett (bass). Chasten Carroll, Dave's son lays down some awesome mandolin along with Brent Pack on the banjo. Fiddle was performed by guest musician and engineer Ron Stewart.

The title track "Lookin' Back" written by Dave Carroll is a song about a deathrow inmate reflecting back on his mistakes and hoping for redemption, with the ultimate ending his only hope in sight. "The Silver Bridge Lament" is another Carroll ballad about the 1967 historical collapse of the Silver Bridge on the Ohio River. "If Misery Loves Company" is a classic lonesome ballad also written by Dave Carroll.

Kyle Burnett contributed an upbeat bluegrass tune "Gold In Caroline" about a man enticed to leave Carolina for the gold mining hills of Colorado. Scott's performance of the Bill Castle "I Like Trains" cover tune makes you feel like your riding along on the train with him. Along with emotionally charged cover tunes, the final track is a Scott Tackett/Becca Barker collaboration of high energy, hard drivin', bar drinkin' toast to bluegrass.

Excellent material, arrangements, classic harmonies, and tasteful instrumentation make "Looking Back" fit the formula for an album you will want to play over and over.

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