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Horse Archer Productions Leaving Song of the Mountains

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Tim WhiteMarion, VA. After the recent dismissal of host, Tim White, Horse Archer expresses their disapproval through bold decision. Horse Archer Productions has announced that unless Tim White returns as host, it will fulfill its obligations with the Lincoln Theater through its contract period but will not return to Song of the Mountains in 2016.

The company, based in Floyd County, VA, took over production in 2014 just a few weeks before the new season began on a one year contract and had signed a one year contract renewal in January with The Lincoln Theater to edit season 10 and tape season 11 during 2015.

"At no time prior to Tim White's termination was anyone in our company consulted or even informed about this decision," said Sean Kotz, current producer of the show and co-owner, who said he found out through a phone call from White.

"Had we been asked, we would have recommended retaining Mr. White at all costs and made it clear then that they'd lose the production company as well," he added.

Kotz cited White's professionalism, varied talents and popularity as primary reasons he thought the move was a mistake and said Horse Archer would be happy to return if White were reinstated.

Chris Valluzzo, current director of the program and company co-owner, heard about the decision by phone from Kotz. "We want the community, especially the bluegrass and Old Time community, to know that we have a wonderful relationship with Tim White," said Valluzzo.

"We anticipate that Tim will return to television somewhere and we've been discussing that possibility with him in the future."

Previous Cybergrass stores related to this article are “Song of the Mountains” Says Goodbye to Host Tim White and Lincoln Theatre “Song of the Mountains” Reorganization. We have supported and carried Tim White's Song of the Mountains for at least 10 years and will continue to support White in any way we can. His program brings a fresh view of a small genre of America music to the entire nation. Artistic and cultural presentations like this are diamonds in the rough and need to endure.

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