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Jammers' Paradise... and Discount Special for Banjo Camp!

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Dr. Banjo - Pete WernickPete (Dr. Banjo) Wernick is offering a special Jam Camp. Pete says, "Autumn is upon us, and before things in Colorado turn icy and wintery, there's a last chance to be at a beautiful location by a rushing river, in a cozy building with a nice fireplace and plenty of good chairs and sofas -- with a bunch of nice folks playing bluegrass!"

Dr. Banjo continues writing, "After many years hosting camps at the lovely Boulder Inn, I was a little slow to try the Sylvan Dale Ranch as a camp venue. But when I saw the Wagon Wheel Lodge, it almost spoke to me, saying, "There can't be a better venue than this for a jam camp!" There are 13 guest rooms in the Lodge, and a short walk away, along the Big Thompson River, is another lovely building where they serve a very nice breakfast that comes with your room. Then back to the Lodge, where we'll be playing music all weekend!

"The October 28-30 camp still has space, and the Lodge still has space for the weekend too. Don't wait too long, or it will be taken! (Though if it's full, there are reasonable and comfortable motels not too far down the road, and private cabins at the Ranch for a price.)"

Pete advises that for this particular camp, not everyone is qualified. It is geared for people already experienced at jamming. Fast playing is not required, but we do expect all in attendance to be able and willing to sing, and to fake solos on their instruments. Expertise not expected or required, but of course it's welcome!

The banjo camp especially welcomes band members, and will give group discounts for people attending "as a band". The skills jammers need to cultivate are not too different from what band members need. For performing pickers wanting to work on stagecraft, they will include some emphasis on that, but most of the camp will be about such niceties as band dynamics, harmony singing, good soloing, and building repertoire, as well as getting comfortable playing in a wider range of keys. In three days, there's a lot of time to address different skills, both during class time and in the small coached groups.

Even if you don't care if you improve, we'd love to have you! But if you want to build your skills, Joan and myself, and the ultra-helpful and skilled master teacher/multi-instrumentalist Hereford Percy will be there to help you improve. Hope you can make it. If you don't, we'll miss you!

Pete's next jam camp (December 2-4), also at the Sylvan Dale Ranch, is open to all levels. Only four chords (G, C, D, A) required! Intermediate players are also welcome and will be given ample challenges consistent with their learning goals.

SPECIAL! Pete's annual January Banjo Camps (at the Boulder Inn) are taking signups as well, with all three camps approaching half full. If you mention this email when signing up, take $10 off the required deposit -- $110 instead of $120. Scholarships available for Advanced Banjo Camp! website: or email:

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