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NewTown has a New Bluegrass Album in Town

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NewTownLexington, KY -- NewTown is proud to announce the release of brand new music from their upcoming self-titled CD, NewTown. The first single, "Water Under The Bridge" has been shipped to radio programmers and is available now for airplay. Listen to your local or Internet bluegrass radio station to hear what NewTown is all about.

What began as a dream for fiddle prodigy and vocalist Kati Penn over a decade ago has evolved into a full blown tour de force in NewTown. Along with her peers, Kati carved her own niche in the music she loved most when she became a member of the New Coon Creek Girls, the Dale Ann Bradley Band and ultimately starting her own band which produced a country record and a solo bluegrass album.

Kati's dream really began to take shape when her husband decided to not only be her partner in life, but share the stage with her, too. Junior Williams had secured a large fan base as the banjo player for Newfound Road but it wasn't until he and Kati teamed up, that he was able to spread his wings and shine with his vocal skills as well.

Together, they have formed an ensemble that includes James Kee on mandolin and vocals; Terry Poirier on bass and vocals; and C.J. Cain on guitar. Recognizing the importance of all members, NewTown is a partnership that works like a well-oiled machine; each member tending to the music equally and each invested in the musical outcome. But unlike most newly formed bands, NewTown took the time to discover their true selves before releasing any music. For three years, the band played countless shows all over the country, honing their craft note for note while finding their musical voice. The result is their new self-titled project which is a collective effort between all the parts of this well-rounded, well-versed, and extremely talented band.

The band's new CD, NewTown, produced by Brent Truitt is a collection of eleven tracks that perfectly sum up everything NewTown has to offer. With all five members being equally versed on their instruments, four of the five offering up lead vocals, and the astute ability to seek out the perfect material for their band, NewTown proves they have the staying power to achieve long-term success in the music business. The first single, a haunting rendition of "Water Under The Bridge" written by Guy Clark and Rich Alves has been shipped to radio programmers. NewTown will be released worldwide December 1st.

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