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Original Blue Grass Boys Special Presentation at Monroe Mandolin Camp

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Monroe Mandolin Camp 2015Original Blue Grass Boys giving a Q&A and demonstration. One-On-One knee to knee private individualized tutorials with an instructor of your choice. An opening night jam where you don't know who of Nashville's finest will show up to hang out and play tunes with you. Learning the Art of Mandolin Construction from world-class luthiers Paul Duff and Will Kimble (and rumor has it that Steve Gilchrist may make it this year as well)! The camp is excited to present to you four of Bill Monroe's greatest-and enduring-sidemen. They are Glen Duncan, Tom Ewing, Mark Hembree and Blake Williams, who entered Monroe's band between 1979 and 1986.

Hot-catered meals. A private retreat with lake, fire pit, outdoor amphitheater for a Sunday morning revival, a picturesque rocking-porch, hiking trails, playing and jamming under the stars. A special presentation with Tony Williamson as he presents a History of the American Mandolin (you do know Tony is known as the Loar guy as well, right?). Nightly jams that seamlessly blend into morning sunrises. Friends from around the world (Canada, Australia, France, Japan, Switzerland, and more). Playing and learning the music and of Bill Monroe with like-minded players. Three and a half days of pure Monroe mandolin music fun. A lifetime of friendships and memories created.

Blue Grass Boys busBill Monroe is famous around the world for creating his own personal musical language, the music that eventually became known as "bluegrass." As it grew over the decades bluegrass music took on many nuances, and we believe one of the largest contributing factors to those changes can be attributed to Monroe's band, The Blue Grass Boys.The Blue Grass Boys numbered nearly 150 members from the band's beginnings in 1938 until Bill's last performance in 1996. Many distinguished names are included in the ranks of men (and women) known as "Blue Grass Boys." They're some of the most talented and influential individuals to play the genre. Bluegrass may have been conceived by Bill Monroe, but without the creative input and support of the Blue Grass Boys he would not have been able to achieve the body of work he left for us.

You don't want to miss this special all-camp presentation. This is a group of not only great musicians, but also conscientious historians of the music. Look forward to insights into the inner workings of the band and how they strove to support Monroe's vision, as well as renditions of the music they played with Bill. There are sure to be plenty of anecdotes about road life as well.

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