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Hot Rize Releases New Video for "A Cowboy's Life"

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Hot RizeBluegrass supergroup, Hot Rize recently reunited after 20 years off the road for an extensive tour schedule as well as the release of their new album "When I'm Free". On their last stop in New York, the band recruited Mason Jar Music to put visuals to the new sounds. The results are breathtaking. The first video, available for public viewing today, presents a clear juxtaposition between the city views of New York and the performance of a more traditional bluegrass group.

Pete Wernick recently talked more about the filming of the video for 'A Cowboy's Life' in a recent clip. Pete explains, “It was quite interesting to be in our suits and have our instruments out and get on a tram in New York City filled with unsuspecting people. Even though we were, at first, told we were not going to be able to do it, the video people talked the security guy into letting us have one shot at it. So we had the duration of a four-minute ride to fit in a song that's just under four minutes. So … we did it. We started right at the right time and, then, as the tram kept moving through the side of Manhattan heading over the East River, our job was to stay put and not fall over as the tram was moving and play the song, 'A Cowboy's Life.'”

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Here is the video for "A Cowboy's Life"...

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