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Steep Canyon Rangers Partner with SevenBar Aviation

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Steep Canyon Rangers and SevenBar AviationThe Steep Canyon Rangers are proud to announce our new partnership with SevenBar Aviation, a leading air medical provider with more than 65 years of experience delivering quality service. Central to the partnership are three fundraising concerts by Steep Canyon Rangers for a trio of hospital foundations closely aligned with SevenBar. Along with these performances, the Steep Canyon Rangers will also make visits to the children’s care areas of each hospital and participate in a VIP meet-and-greet event.

Steep Canyon Rangers are living, picking proof that bluegrass music can adapt to its times without losing its history and that artistry plus dedication can launch a major career. In just over 10 years (a short spell in bluegrass), this six-piece band has graduated from stairwell jams at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill to America’s greatest stages, including the Grand Ole Opry and a national tour with Grammy and Emmy-winning actor/comedian and banjo player Steve Martin. SCR won a Grammy of their own in 2013 for Best Bluegrass Album for “Nobody Knows You.” The four founding Rangers – Woody Platt (lead vocals, guitar), Mike Guggino (mandolin), Charles R. Humphrey III (bass) and Graham Sharp (banjo) – added fiddler Nicky Sanders in 2007 and drummer Mike Ashworth in 2013. The band is known for their enthralling, good-timing live shows at venues that run the gamut from bluegrass and Americana festivals to major international music events and rock venues on the jam band circuit.

The Steep Canyon Rangers started as a group friends playing music together for fun, but after more than a dozen years together, they are instantly recognized as one of the most successful bluegrass bands touring today. Their recordings and dynamic live performances have earned them many accolades, including Grammy and IBMA Awards, but most important, is the devotion of their fans. The Steep Canyon Rangers are Woody Platt (guitar), Graham Sharp (banjo), Charles Humphrey (bass), Mike Guggino (mandolin), Nicky Sanders (fiddle) and Mike Ashworth (box kit). Seasoned and dynamic, they never fail to thrill their audience with instrumental dexterity and speed, compelling original songs, and the fun they obviously have on stage. They tour between 125 and 150 dates per year, typically splitting their schedule between their own shows and sharing the stage with actor/comedian and respected banjo player Steve Martin and, more recently, with Steve and Edie Brickell.

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