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Cumberland River Together Again

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Cumberland RiverCumberland River is announcing that the band has regrouped and ready to pick up where they left off! After taking roughly a year off from the road, band members Dustin Middleton, Jamie Stewart, and Joey Jones decided it was time to bring Cumberland River back to the bluegrass world.

Fans can still expect the same edge, drive, and passion they have come to love in the music from Cumberland River! Dustin Middleton returns on mandolin and lead/harmony vocals. Jamie Stewart is back on reso-guitar/harmony vocals Joey Jones is back on bass/harmony vocals. Brandon Elkins fills the banjo spot left open by founding band member Jamie Dean. Jamie Clark is on guitar and lead/ harmony vocals

Cumberland River was formed in 2009. In 2011 the band got a huge break when they landed eight songs on the FX network’s TV series Justified! Also in 2011 the band signed on with Hope River Entertainment and landed a record deal with Rural Rhythm Records! They continued a very successful run through the end of 2013 when they made the difficult decision to disband. Roughly a year later Cumberland River has regrouped and is currently booking shows for 2015 and beyond.

Plans for a new album is in the works! The band has been in contact with a record label and management agency and an agreement could be reached soon. A new website is being set up now and will be announced when it is ready to go public. Fans can keep up with the band on social media until the website is ready. for Cumberland River on Facebook click the following link and for Twitter

A message from the Cumberland River:

What we want everyone to know is that we're still here.Most importantly to our fans we want to say that we apologize for our absence. We remember why we're here. Why we do what it is we do. Every practice you are on our minds. Your same favorite CR songs will frequent our set lists. We have a new album brewing. All of the writing is complete.All of the arrangements for individual songs have been made.We just have to get boots on the ground in a studio. We are on the horizon of a new era of Cumberland River.

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