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Music World Mourns the Passing of Miss Dixie Hall

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Dixie HallDixie Hall, 80, affectionately known as Miss Dixie, and wife of songwriter Tom T. Hall, passed away in her home Friday after enduring a long illness. Dixie was born Iris Violet May Lawrence in her native Sutton Coldfield, England. Songwriters Dixie and Tom T. covered the country, bluegrass, folk and roots realm with their storytelling songs. The two of them put out song after song of great lyrics and music. Miss Dixie was loved by artists and fans and she loved them as well.

Dixie Hall was so much more than just a songwriter. She lived what she preached. She would put artists together to create collections of wonderful music like the Daughters of Bluegrass collection. She was always offering words of encouragement and would never hesitate to help others in the trade. Since the news of her passing, bluegrass fans and artists have been sharing their stories, photos and recollections of this outstanding songwriter and honored member of the bluegrass community.

Dixie and her husband also operated their own music Blue Circle Records and Good Home Grown Music publishing business. Tom T. credits her with the two business elements saying, "She built the whole thing, while I was playing golf and mowing the grass."

The mixture of country and bluegrass music took time to fall into place but when the two got into sync, the pieces fit wonderfully. She had commented in various interviews over the years that she wished she had entered the bluegrass music realm earlier than she did. Being that she was born in England and came to America in 1961, Appalachia and its music were not in her native roots. She had a strong appreciation for the music as a child and those roots were valuable once she set foot on the soil of those songs. Once she became a part of the music, the culture, the people and life of that region, her songwriting about these things really took off.

Her journey across the pond was with Starday Records where she promoted bluegrass and country artists like The Stanley Brothers and others. She certainly honed her promotional skills and used those skills throughout her entire career.

She and her husband wrote the songs, published the songs, promoted their material and she pitched them to artists with a passion that was unending. Sometimes it would take years for a song to be recorded and take hold and she treated every one of her creations as a child that she would nurture and get started but, then, she would let her song take on its own life and direction. That was a working strategy that server her well throughout her entire music career.

Dixie wrote hundreds of bluegrass songs that artists across the bluegrass spectrum recorded earning her and her husband ten Songwriter of the year awards from SPBGMA, the Society for the Preservation of Bluegrass Music of America. She and Tom T. were awarded the 2004 IBMA Distinguished Achieve Award. Her legacy of bluegrass songs is a tribute to her talent, heart and love for the music she wrote about.

Besides her love for music, she was also an animal rights activist and supporter of the Nashville Humane Society.

Funeral plans are for a private service however a public memorial is possible at a later date.

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