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Cedar Creek Management Announces The Burrows Brothers

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The Burrows Brothers BandAdam and Jake Burrows, former members of Lonesome Will Mullins' band have formed a new band to carry on the traditional music that they love. This lineup allows the band to do more brother duets, as it moves Adam to the frontline on guitar and lead vocals, his brother Jake on banjo and tenor vocals. Rounding out the group is Mike Walker on mandolin/baritone vocals and Wes Deaton bassfiddle/bass vocals.

Adam and Jake will be heading to the studio to record their debut album at the end of January. The CD should be ready for release in the spring.

Adam Burrows lead vocals are strong and come from true traditional roots. The listener will hear the influences of Ralph Stanley, Lester Flatt, James King and Jack Cook. Adam's main influence on guitar has been the great Jimmy Martin. A solid lick, he sets the pace and drive for the band and holds a steady rhythm. He also credits Junior Blankenship as another influence to his playing style. Adam has been nicknamed the "Killer" for his aggressive playing.

Jake Burrows adds the tenor harmony to his brothers lead. Together their sweet harmonies are reminiscent of their influences, The Louvin Brothers, Osborne Brothers, and the great Jim & Jesse. If traditional, hard driving banjo is what you like, Jake Burrows fits the bill. His major influences have been Earl Scruggs, J D Crowe, Don Reno and Sonny Osborne. Harold Chrisco, luthier for Earl Scruggs, has been quoted in saying that Jake plays the closest to Earl than anyone he has ever heard. His playing style has also been compared to J D Crowe.

Mike Walker credits his Dad and Grandmother for his love of music. They taught him the chords on the guitar at a young age. His career began, like so many others, playing in his family's church and by the age of 16 he was playing for other social events. The mandolin came into Mike's life at the age of 18. He knew this was the instrument he wanted to play and play well. Herschel Sizemore helped Mike to realize that goal. You can hear Herschel's style and bounce in Mike's playing. Mike is excited to join forces with The Burrows Brothers, quoted in saying"there is nothing like brothers harmonies", a young talented band with a old school flavor.

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