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Blake Johnson Returns to Russell Moore & IIIrd Tyme Out

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Blake JohnsonLast year, Blake Johnson became seriously ill with a blood disease that landed him in the hospital for an extended stay of 8 weeks in Duke University Hospital. This forced him to be off the road and the band continued with a replacement. The band is happy to report that Blake is well and back performing in his role. Russell Moore wrote, "We are so thankful to have Blake Johnson back on the road with us! He's doing wonderful, recovering well, and singing and playing better than ever! We already performed our first show of the new year at a place that is very dear to our hearts, Galax, VA."

Moore continued about the show saying, "The show in Galax, sponsored by the Fairview Ruritan Club, has become a tradition for us and we want to thank everyone who joined us for the show! Many of you have shared photos from the night such as Mike Haley (thanks, Mike!) who posted this one on our Facebook page. Thanks for doing that and keep them coming throughout the year. We love visiting with you and want to stay connected as much as possible, even when we aren't in your area. So check out our Facebook page regularly and be sure to post a message, photo, or video from our visit. Speaking of videos, thanks to Amanda Smith, a.k.a "BluegrassisLife90" on YouTube, for posting this video. We hope you enjoy, 'My Window Faces The South!'"

Blake Johnson has been singing and playing gospel and bluegrass music since he was a young child with his family. Eventually, his bass playing and distinctive vocal style landed him his first professional job with Jay Kaczor and The Bluegrass Connection. Soon after, he helped launch The Hagar’s Mountain Boys who performed for seven years together and recorded four albums. During this time, he performed with James King for a year. Perhaps his most notable performances, though, have been over the last year as guitarist and lead singer for Grasstowne. Johnson will return to his preferred role of playing bass and singing harmony as a new member of IIIrd Tyme Out.

We are all happy to have Blake back on bass and rounding out the IIIrd Tyme Out sound.

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