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Register Now for Pete Wernick's Boulder Bluegrass Camp

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Pete Wernick Bluegrass CampPete Wernick, aka Dr. Banjo, writes about an exciting new bluegrass camp. Pete says, "After 35 years of camp teaching I'm excited to present my idea of an "ideal bluegrass camp": For a full week this January, pickers from California to Carolina to Germany will converge on the hospitable Boulder Inn, and work on all their bluegrass skills: not just picking, but singing; not just soloing, but backup and group dynamics. With the help of some excellent Colorado musician/teachers, we'll combine classes with lots of jam time to work on new ideas, songs, and techniques."

There's never been a bluegrass camp quite like what we've planned. See below for a quick outline. Or learn more at

We have 25 spots still available. Preference and group discounts will be given to groups signing up together. Check out the tiered pricing by clicking here. Bass players and fiddlers are especially welcome. To play good bluegrass takes a balance of instruments, so we're going for that at our camp. As usual, the two goals are Fun and Results.

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