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The Roys: The View Provides Insight to Their Lives

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 The ViewThe Roys have put together a project that shines some light into their personal lives. Elaine Roy shares some of her personal feelings in the opening track "No More Lonely." Those that have followed their social media commentary will find the relationship to this song and Elaine's personal journey. This fifth album of theirs is definitely the duo's greatest effort to date.

The Roys have heart. A lot of big heart. As the album weaves tracks of stories and reflection that give a wider view what The Roys represent. There is a lot of reflection in the songs presented here. They are deep, personal and convincing -- not an easy task to master. It is easy to understand how this happens when Elaine and Lee wrote the material on all the tracks in this album. These are the songs of their lives brought together into an awesome collection.

As songwriters, Lee, Elaine put together a new sound. Songwriters write about their dreams, experiences and views. The View certainly does that as it delivers the theme of bluegrass - fine musicianship, emotion and a bit of lonesome. The title track sings of looking outward but also offers a view inward.

The sibling duo's harmonies get better with each release and this album is definitely the pinnacle of their career. There is a magic that comes from family related artists that you don't get with other bands. It's in the harmonies, music and lyrics where they come across as sincere, honest and personally directed towards the listener. You can listen to this album and feel they are singing it just for you.

Doyle Lawson makes a gues appearance on "Mandolin Man," a song about the Father of Bluegrass, Bill Monroe. Speaking of mandolins, Lee plays more than just the mandolin on this disk. In addition to the mandolin, he also plays a Mandocello and a Mandola adding a bit more to the album. While breaking away from tradition, the sound works and works extremely well.

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