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Becky Buller Releases New Album to Radio

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Tween Earth and SkyJoelton, TN -- Dark Shadow Recording is proud to announce the worldwide radio release of Becky Buller’s long-awaited solo album ‘Tween Earth and Sky. Buller’s first solo record with Dark Shadow Recording marks a new chapter in her bluegrass book: Stepping to center stage and taking the lead.

October 21st has been set as the album’s official release date. Physical and digital copies will then be available on Dark Shadow Recording’s website, iTunes and other online sources, as well as wherever you catch Becky on the road. Digital preorders of the album are available by purchasing an autographed iDitty card from Becky via her website or by digital download at

The single “Nothin’ To You” is currently at #14 on the Bluegrass Unlimited magazine National Bluegrass Survey radio airplay chart.

While each piece of this album is special and unique to Buller, one may stand out a little more than the rest: The heady re-creation of Bill Monroe’s 1988 classic “Southern Flavor.” Marvelously, the song features six former Blue Grass Boys: Buddy Spicher and Michael Feagan on fiddle, Peter Rowan on guitar and vocals, Blake Williams on banjo, Roland White on mandolin, and Ernie Sykes bass. With 11 original songs, and featured guests such as Tim O'Brien, Dale Ann Bradley, Peter Rowan, Sam Bush, Ron Block (and many more), ‘Tween Earth and Sky proves Buller’s depth, charm, creativity, and wisdom.

Chris Stuart notes, "I’ll let others praise Becky's crystalline voice and flaming sword of a fiddle. What pulled down all my defenses and made me cry, whoop, and dance is her songwriting. Each song is a gem, polished to just the right reflection of worlds past and within. If she doesn’t win Songwriter of the Year, I’m burning my poetic license.”

‘Tween Earth and Sky explores complexities between honoring tradition and supplementing creative liberties. Her first solo album in ten years, Buller presents a declaration of independence, a statement of faith, with no lack of rigor nor entertainment.

“She moves forward (at long last) into a stage of her career where she’s calling her own shots. Becky Buller has every reason to be excited about this album.” says Jon Weisberger.

Becky Buller will showcase during World of Bluegrass in Raleigh, North Carolina, September 30 through October 4. She is also booking dates for 2015.

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