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I've Been Mostly Awake to Benefit the IBMA

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I've Been Mostly AwakeBluegrass musician, writer and producer Jon Weisberger has a new album coming out on 9/30, called I've Been Mostly Awake. Jon says, "If the title seems familiar, it's because it's from the old WoB-related joke about what IBMA stands for - and that's because the project is, among other things, a fundraiser; profits from the sale of the music will be donated to the IBMA."

The album features the Lonesome Heirs (Jesse Brock, Andy Falco, Jeremy Garrett, Ned Luberecki and Jon) backing a baker's dozen of bluegrass and related artists singing songs that I've written with them, in some cases especially for the project. Jon comments, "The first cut - and first single - features a vocal from Jeremy, so it's a purely Lonesome Heirs track. After that, we've got Dale Ann Bradley; The Gibson Brothers; Pam Tillis; Shawn Camp; Sarah Siskind; Claire Lynch; Stephen Mougin; Kim Richey & Thomm Jutz; Jim Lauderdale; Sierra Hull; Chris Jones and Tim O'Brien. Because it's a song-focused album, it's light on harmony vocals, but the ones that are there are pretty cool, if I do say so myself: Steve Gulley, Del McCoury, Patty Mitchell & Carl Jackson, and Darrin Vincent & Sally Jones."

The tracks are now available to broadcasters here on AirplayDirect. Because it's a fundraiser, they are trying to keep costs as low as possible, so they made the tough call not to provide physical CD service. Those who absolutely must have uncompressed files can contact Jon and he will get you hooked up, including with the track info that's available to those using APD.

For the rest of us, non-broadcaster types, the album will be available at Wide Open Bluegrass and through the usual retail outlets as a CD and as a digital album, starting on 9/30. And look for a couple of full-track streaming exclusives coming to some of your favorite websites soon.

13 bluegrass and related singers/songwriters singing songs they've co-written with IBMA Songwriter of the Year Jon Weisberger, backed by The Lonesome Heirs, an "all star" band featuring Jesse Brock (The Gibson Brothers), Andy Falco & Jeremy Garrett (Infamous Stringdusters), and Ned Luberecki & Weisberger (Chris Jones & The Night Drivers).

I've Been Mostly Awake track list is:

  1. "Dark Cloud Rising" (featuring Jeremy Garrett)
  2. "Now And Then" (featuring Dale Ann Bradley)
  3. "Never Go Back" (featuring The Gibson Brothers)
  4. "Where The Real Love Begins" (featuring Pam Tillis)
  5. "One Blue Stone" (featuring Shawn Camp)
  6. "I Just Came Back To Say Goodbye" (featuring Sarah Siskind)
  7. "One Mistake At A Time" (featuring Claire Lynch)
  8. "Something ‘Bout A River" (featuring Stephen Mougin)
  9. "Everything Is Broken" (featuring Kim Richey & Thomm Jutz)
  10. "t Count Me Out" (featuring Jim Lauderdale)
  11. "The Wind Be My Friend" (featuring Sierra Hull)
  12. "My Memory Tells Me" (featuring Chris Jones)
  13. "That Still Remain" (featuring Tim O’Brien)

Musicians: The Lonesome Heirs

  • Jesse Brock - mandolin
  • Andy Falco - guitar
  • Jeremy Garrett - fiddle
  • Ned Luberecki - banjo
  • Jon Weisberger - bass

Harmony vocals:

  • “Now And Then” - Steve Gulley, Jon Weisberger
  • “One Blue Stone” - Del McCoury
  • “I Just Came Back To Say Goodbye” - Carl Jackson, Patty Mitchell
  • “What My Memory Tells Me” - Sally Jones, Darrin Vincent

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