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The Carter Family: Lives and Legacies

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 Lives & LegaciesBristol, TN/VA -- Today, Tuesday, September 16, the Birthplace of Country Music Museum will present its first special exhibit, The Carter Family: Lives and Legacies. The exhibit will open that evening with a reception from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. The reception will be held in the foyer of the museum and is open to the public; admission prices apply.

“With the Carter’s strong connection to the 1927 Bristol Sessions and the music heritage of this region, the Birthplace of Country Music (BCM) is honored to have family members of the Carter family guest-curating the first of many rotating exhibits in the museum,” says Leah Ross, executive director of BCM.

The original Carter Family took familiar songs – hymns and gospel songs, Appalachian ballads, music from the rural work camps and urban factories – and made them their own. Alive with feeling, the songs touched upon personal and private joys and pain. These songs continue to speak to audiences today, and the legacy of the Carter Family has been carried on by their children and grandchildren. Through archival interviews and images, family photographs, heirlooms, and personal reflections on family and music, this special exhibit is a story told by Carter family members themselves.

“We wanted this exhibit to reflect the voices of the Carter family,” says Dr. Jessica Turner, director and head curator of the Birthplace of Country Music Museum. “Through our research and by asking family members to share items and memories that held special meaning to them, we were able to include very personal stories in this exhibit.”

The Carter Family: Lives and Legacies will run until February 28, 2015, and a variety of educational programming and events will be hosted by the museum to complement the exhibit. For further information, visit or call 423-573-1927.

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