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Exclusive Cherryholmes Family Reunion Planned for 2015

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CherryholmesThe Outer Banks Bluegrass Island Festival is planning an exclusive Cherryholmes family reunion at their 2015 festival. The annual festival will feature over 45 bands. The Roanoke Island, North Carolina festival always features top artists, acts and entertainment. Plans are already underway for next year's event.

Each year, fans are invited to come hear that old familiar twang, in the traditions of Bill Monroe, Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs and so many other legendary bluegrass performers. Come hear today's Bluegrass stars picking their mountain music by the sea. Join us for four fun filled days with the music of our roots, the music of our grandfathers, the music of America ....... Bluegrass!

The annual event always features jam sessions in the parking lot and the host hotel, The Elizabethan Inn, throughout the weekend. Another exciting part of the festival is "BoomGrass!" The big fireworks show held during the festivities from barges anchored behind the stage. The fireworks are choreographed to bluegrass music and is the largest fireworks display in North Carolina.

What has this award winning band been up to since their official disbanding? Well, according to their website, "Everyone is busy with their lives and careers. Jere is enjoying No Career! He rides his Harley, hunts and fishes, and enjoys taking his wife (me) to NASCAR races. We are big NASCAR fans. This year Jere's for Dale Jr. I'm a diehard Kyle Busch fan myself!

"We travel quite often and are heading for Ireland in May. I spend my time arranging and scoring music for our wonderful church, Union Hill Baptist. I also enjoy filming and editing video projects, especially when they have the kids in them. I teach guitar and piano and am completing my studies in Natural Healing and Herbology.

"Cia and her husband Stetson are performing under the name Songs of the Fall. They have some new music. Some great video footage from their concert at Authentic Coffee should be up on Youtube soon. (My latest video accomplishment) Keep up with them on

"B.J. is burning up the road with Dailey and Vincent. This summer will mark his 3rd anniversary playing with D&V. If you haven't seen them, you need to. Keep up with B.J. and D&V at

"Skip is performing in the new hot bluegrass band Sideline. Sideline is Skip, his father-in-law Steve Dilling, Jason Moore, and Daryl Webb. Skip is also performing with bluegrass icon Lou Reid and Carolina. Keep up with Sideline on Facebook. Also, check out

"Molly has a whole new style of Music going on. Not only is she writing, producing, and recording her new EDM on piano, but she is also performing with symphony orchestras on violin . Check out this link Keep up with Molly on Facebook.

"Our son Tyson missed the Cherryholmes experience. He was busy serving in the U.S. Air Force at the time. However, he is also an accomplished musician/singer/songwriter. If you enjoy Christian rock with a 70's and 80's flavor, you'll want to check out his band God Only Knows. Keep up with Tyson at"

Stay tuned as we bring you more about this festival and its lineup as it draws closer.

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