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The Big Push for Bluegrass at Burning Man

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Burning Man BluegrassOur bluegrass artist and friend, Andy Owens is on a quest to introduce Bluegrass Music to the Burning Man Arts Festival. Time is short and so is their funding. The Bluegrass Invasion to Burning Man Kickstarter Campaign is still short about $900 and needs to catch up quickly or they can lose all funding collected so far. This is a marvelous concept to introduce the crowd to bluegrass music in a unique way.

Andy writes, "Well the Bluegrass Invasion Of Burning Man is on the way, we are in Salt Lake City, five blown tires, one blown patellar tendon but we are pushing on!! Please share this link - We are at $2,600 out of $3,500. If we dont make $3,500 we lose all!!\

He notes, 'In order to get our band to Burning Man we need to raise money. The costs are quite high, $400 just for a ticket, camp dues to cover camping for a week in the middle of the desert and of course travel, it’s 2500 miles from us. So that we have the highest impact I am building a portable stage that is a giant banjo pulled by an approved Burning Man Mutant Vehicle. We will have five musicians, two support persons and at a cost of about $1000 per person, you see why we are on kickstarter!"

Here is an arts festival held in the middle of the desert and is a camping venue but, there's no bluegrass. There's no jamming. It's all sort of electronica. Andy wants to change all that.

Burning Man Banjo

Burning Man is a huge arts festival in the desert in Northern Nevada which happens every year the week before Labor Day. This year there will be over 70,000 people at Burning Man, and there are hundreds of camps playing all kinds of electronic music, but guess what’s missing? Bluegrass Music, I want to change that.

Andy has put together a giant flaming banjo portable stage which will be towed to Burning Man which is a stage for performing artists and other bluegrass activities.

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