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Mark O’Connor's Fiddle Method Comes to Texas

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Texas O'Connor MethodThe O’Connor Method has been revered as the method to rival, as it combines the art of teaching young children with the teaching of American music. By joining the rich heritage of American music with the art of playing a stringed instrument, the O’Connor Method has the ingredients to stand the test of time in every aspect of a creative string method. Founded by fiddler, Mark O’Connor, the method is centered around engaging young musicians with American music history.

The method has taken storm across the world, as it has now taken center stage in many counties outside the United States. This ripple effect has proven the vitality of the method, allowing for teachers from all nationalities and backgrounds to resonate with it. Because of it’s wide appeal, the O’Connor Method has impacted a wide range of musicians, music enthusiasts and music professionals. Some have deemed the method as the next generation of string education. As some have been quoted as stating the method as being a catalyst for music reentering the public school system.

The importance of the method cannot be overlooked. There are mountains of proof of it’s importance in the lives of those that study and teach stringed instruments. Whether you are a cellist, fiddler, guitarist or mandolinist; this method will work for you. Whether you play bluegrass, country, folk, jazz or classical; this method will have music for you.

The O'Connor Method focuses on bringing new music to young fiddle players by way of empowering teachers with the tools they need to engage students in a fresh way. The method is designed to positively impact children of all ages, especially those that have never played an instrument.

Texas is a proud state, and even prouder to announce the method making it’s formal debut in the form of the Texas O’Connor Method Organization. The organization(TOMO)consists of faculty that are passionate about the method and the values the method promotes. TOMO is committed to producing camps, jam sessions and educational opportunities that facilitate the creative atmosphere the method encourages. The O’Connor Method is extremely happy to be be in Texas, and Texas is ready for the O’Connor Method.

“My dream is an American string revolution.”
  - Mark O’Connor, fiddler, composer, author

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