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Monroeville Release Their First Full Video “Be Natural“

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MonroevilleThe bluegrass music group Monroeville has released their first full-video, "Be Natural" on Vevo. Since the band’s inception four years ago, the 2012 International Bluegrass Music Association’s Momentum Band of the Year, Monroeville, has been on a mission; bring musicians back to music. At a time when live show auto-tune reigns supreme, and even country music’s elite are lip-syncing, Monroeville is true blue. At the band’s core is a belief that good music knows no boundaries.

Ranging in age from 20 to 33, each member of Monroeville is not only a seasoned performer, but a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Fans love their “new songs that sound old” and that sound is unmistakeable; these young men are playing country music from a fundamentally country background of their combined 120 years of bluegrass and country playing.

For this video, Monroeville says to "Just Be Natural" This is a theme natural to the band. Monroeville has a sound that’s earned the respect of their peers, with original songs from previous recordings being performed and recorded by other groups. But the greatest honor has been in an ever growing fan base across different genres from all over the world. The social media sites have shown their appeal in country, bluegrass and underground rock genres. Their music appeals to everyone, from every walk of life. That's being natural.

Can't Put Me Out, Monroeville’s first full-length project, is personal. It personifies their ability to keep moving forward despite heartbreak or obstacles. It’s a project that showcases their true uniqueness. Can't Put Me Out has 11 original songs, all written by members of the band, and explores several different genres, with one Doc Boggs traditional, re-tooled in Monroeville’s signature style.

Matt Munsey, founding member and leader of Monroeville, states, “The title of the project, named from the first song on the album, Can't Put Me Out, is for the underdogs – the ones that get underestimated and overlooked. You might get stepped on, but they can’t put out your fire. It was a fitting theme that also translated very easily to artwork.”

The first two- yes, two releases: “Drunkard’s Lone Child” and “Be Natural”, were released simultaneously to not only show the industry two distinct styles of the band, but to allow the fans the choice within the musical spectrum Monroeville. “Drunkard’s Lone Child” is a dark, classic song given the full Monroeville treatment, and “Be Natural” is a timely reminder to be who YOU were created to be.

Enjoy this video sample of Monroeville. This is a group that strives to be musical naturally.

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