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Dave Evans Documentary in Search of Memorabilia

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Dave EvansRed Line Studios has posted a request on for memorabilia about "Last of the Breed" Dave Evans. The items are requested for Last of the Breed, a feature length documentary film about singer and songwriter Dave Evans of Eastern Kentucky. The producers are seeking your help.

Traditional bluegrass fans have long recognized Dave Evans for what he is: a living legend. Dave is one of the few true triple threats in the genre - a talented singer, banjo picker, and songwriter. He has shared the stage with greats such as Larry Sparks and Ralph Stanley. Alison Krauss cites him as one of her biggest inspirations. But while his contemporaries have seen crossover success with more mainstream audiences on the heels of O Brother Where Art Thou? and the growth of the IBMA, Dave remains largely unknown to wider listeners.

Generally it's hard to say why some musicians win recognition and fortune while many others linger in obscurity, but with Dave it's clear that a 6 year incarceration during his prime years, has deprived him of these rewards.

The Last of the Breed is a not-for-profit film that tells Dave's amazing story of music, hardship, freedom, civil rights, redemption, and destiny. In association with The Kanawha Gateway Heritage Area and Fractured Atlas, Red Line Studios is reaching out to the bluegrass community for financial support.

A fund-raising goal of $30,000 has been set to film The Last of the Breed: The Dave Evans Story. Monies raised will help cover basic expenses such as travel, equipment rentals, archival research and lodgings for the professional film crew who is donating their services for this creative initiative. So if you've ever been moved by the profound soulfulness of Dave's music or if you're just someone who roots for the underdog, please join us to make his story heard. In thanks for your support you will receive a gift dependent on the amount you donate. Donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

They are looking for photographs and videos for a number of topics to be covered in our film. Please view the list of topics below and if you have anything including recordings, videos or photographs you feel would be a good contribution to our project please contact them at or by calling 212-566-2031.

“Last of the Breed: The Dave Evans Story is a 501(c)3 fiscally sponsored project. We are working in conjunction with Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts organization. All materials submitted are on a donation basis, as this is a non-profit project. We will work with you to safely and securely make copies of your materials and give you a “Thank You” credit at the end of our film.

We are looking for any pictures or videos that include:

  • Dave Evans
  • Larry Sparks
  • Bill Monroe
  • Earl Scruggs
  • Lester Flatt
  • Roy Lee Centers
  • The Boys from Indiana
  • Bluegrass Music (general)
  • Early Appalachian Life / Culture – Early settlers or Pioneers
  • Early Bluegrass Music Recording (generic)
  • Coal Mining (1940’s-1960’s)
  • Early Rock & Roll
  • Nashville (1940’s, 1950’s, 1960’s)

check out the trailers for the film!

The art of film making is a powerful medium, having the ability to affect and reach people of all ages, genders, creeds and nationalities. Good films touch generations of people and can immortalize dreams and subjects of meaning and purpose. With you’re archival donation you are assisting greatly in the creation of something that will grow and continue to inspire others via the arts, and for years to come. We appreciate all generous contributions to the film.

For more information on our project please visit; Here is the proposal for the documentary and it is a very enlightening article on this legend.

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