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The Boxcars Welcome New Member Gary Hultman to Group

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Gary HultmanNashville, TN --- Highly acclaimed and often awarded, The Boxcars have announced the addition of a new member to their musical team. Gary Hultman is just 20 years old and is currently studying at East Tennessee State University, where he became acquainted with The Boxcars’ Adam Steffey. The Birchdale, MN native began playing the resonator guitar when he was very young and like many musicians, spent his youth traveling and performing with a family band. He chose ETSU for college and made his way to Tennessee. Hultman is majoring in Bluegrass, Old Time, and Country Music and expects to graduate in 2016, already a member of one of the genre’s most honored bands.

“Although he is young in age, Gary has talent beyond his years,” Steffey says. “He has the great ability to play what each song needs; never overplaying or showboating, always sensitive to the song and the dynamics that it requires. This is a rare quality in a young player but it seems to come quite naturally to Gary.”

The addition of the dobro to the band gives new musical dimension to The Boxcars already stellar --- and award-winning --- sound. Along with the playing that impressed his new band mates, Gary will share his fine harmony and lead vocals as well.

With the recent announcement of John Bowman’s departure to further pursue music ministry, the band was initially unsure of how to search for a replacement.

“John’s work here as a Boxcar speaks for itself. He is one of the highest caliber musicians and singers in our business and will certainly be missed,” Steffey says. “We all love and respect John for his decision in answering God’s call and we know he’ll continue to be a blessing to a lot of people.”

The band members acknowledged that Bowman’s talents could not be duplicated, so their hope was to find someone that was dedicated and driven to make The Boxcars as good as possible. In Hultman, they feel they’ve found that artist.

Ron Stewart added his nod to the newest member of the band, saying, “We are all very excited about having Gary come on board as the newest member of The Boxcars.”

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