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You'll Absolutely Love Tim Stafford's New Album

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 Just to Hear the Whistle BlowTim Stafford of Blue Highway fame has wrapped up his latest project Just to Hear the Whistle Blow. I've listened to the album a few times now and this is probably his best solo effort yet. On this album, Tim performs a variety of acoustic guitar styles that are sure to please. Backed by some of the best in the acoustic biz -- Adam Steffey, Ron Stewart, Barry Bales, Stuart Duncan, John Gardner, Marty Raybon, Beth Snapp, and Steve Gulley, Tim has put together a collection of awesomely beautiful musicianship. Just to Hear the Whistle Blow is a reason to Just Hear Tim Stafford Play!

The album is a mixture of thirteen instrumentals and vocal tracks. Each track expresses a new facet of Stafford's gem cut qualities. Never too much or too little, songs like the title track and "Fatner Nelson" are pure and emotional. You can almost feel the joy he has performing each song as if each brings a smile to his face. He and the other artists really get into it. They're all having fun putting this piece of art together. That is what music is all about.

Don't get this project mixed up with the Blue Highway sound. It is much more. Just as with his first solo project Endless Line released a decade ago, the solo albums give him the freedom to go beyond the Blue Highway experience. "Poodle on the Dashboard" or "Janet's Song are such tracks with their melodic styles. Yes, you'll also get back to Tim's roots with "Red Wing," "Just to Hear the Whistle Blow" and others. The story songs are here too like "Hideaway Hotel" among the tracks. That is the beauty of this release in that you get to experience all that Tim is doing today.

Tim Stafford fans will enjoy this illustrating experience of this gifted artist. This is a multi-dimensional yet a tasteful collection of Stafford's talent all wrapped up in a single collection. Tim never fails to deliver and he delivers a gem with Just to Hear the Whistle Blow.

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