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The Boxcars' John Bowman Takes Solo Journey

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John BowmanBluegrass guitarist John Bowman has had an enormously blessed career and has decided to add another chapter to his career. Bowman has announced his departure from The Boxcars to seek a new path followoing his heart performing solo in more of a ministry role. Bowman made his annoucement via his social networking channels.

After much prayer, I have decided to go into a solo singing and preaching ministry, full-time. I have no doubt that this is the direction God wants me to go. I believe I have a mandate from God to sing about and preach the gospel. I am excited about what lies ahead in singing and preaching the word of God. Bowman was ordained as a minsiter in 1997
Over the past 5 years, I have been blessed and privileged to travel with some of the best musicians on the planet. Adam Steffey, Hon Dtewart, Harold Nixon, and Keith Garrett are not only my band mates, they are my friends. I could not have asked for a better bunch of men to pick and travel with. I will miss them, their beautiful families, and pray God’s blessings on them as they move forward with the Boxcars.

Bowman is a former member of the famous Dusty Miller, Alison Krauss' band, Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver and the Issacs.

The From the Boxcar's website,

How many folks can say they were born in Mayberry, worked for Alison Krauss, and are married to one of the Isaacs? Well, one: John R. Bowman. A family move to Ararat, VA and exposure to the rich musical heritage in that region eventually led to Doyle Lawson asking him to join Quicksilver in 1991. He stayed with the band from 1991-1992 and recorded 4 cds with Quicksilver. During the summer of 1991, he met back up with his old buddies from a group called Dusty Miller, Adam Steffey and Barry Bales. They were playing with a young lady from Champaign, Illinois named Alison Krauss. By September of 1992, Alison had asked him to join her band as Dan Tyminski was going back to the Lonesome River Band. He played with Alison about 15 months. In 1994 he married Becky Isaacs and worked with them on various levels for over 12 years.
Worship HimBowman's album, Worship Him, comes out this month on Pisgah Ridge Records from Crossroads Entertainment. John comments on the album saying, “I feel these songs truly show the God-given gift that Joe possesses to write songs that minister to other people. My intention here is to give credit to a man who has greatly influenced me both personally and spiritually. I hope as you listen to this recording that you can feel the heartfelt love I have for the music of Joe Isaacs. His writing is a treasure that will stand the test of time.”

The first radio single, “He Never Failed Me,” is a perfect example of how John has updated a classic Joe Isaacs tune, and features Jeff and Sheri Easter on guest vocals. They join an all-star cast that includes Adam Steffey, Gordon Mote, Ben Isaacs, and Rob Ickes, offering their talents to these new renditions of Gospel treasures.

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