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Chatham County Line Announces New Album, Tightrope, Video

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TightropeThe boys of Chatham County Line are proud to announce that their new album, Tightrope, is now available everywhere, including iTunes, Amazon, and the Yep Roc Store. Be sure to watch the premiere of the new official video for the single "Tightrope of Love" , and listen into the band discuss the making of the record in the album trailer video below.

Entering their second decade as an ensemble, Chatham County Line elegantly reconcile the past and future, tradition and innovation, on the fittingly titled Tightrope, available May 20, 2014 on Yep Roc Records. The sixth studio album from the Raleigh-based four-piece follows 2010's winsome, soulful Wildwood and the career-spanning concert album and film undertaking Sight & Sound, which was released in 2012. "With anything you've done for a while," Wilson explains, "a period of reflection helps you identify your strengths. Doing the live album did that, and in a way, we do that every night with the songs we choose to play at a live show. We usually don't use set lists, we just play the songs that come to mind. That really helped us prepare for this record."

Stirring, provocative, and disarmingly poignant, Tightrope was born out of a year's worth of intense focus, during which the band examined their own legacy while carefully honing new material. All the while, the band's four members – Wilson (guitar), John Teer (mandolin, fiddle), Chandler Holt (banjo), and Greg Readling (bass, pedal steel, piano) – welcomed spontaneity and the sometimes palpable will of the songs themselves into the process.

The band has just completed what was an amazing first week's celebration of Tightrope. They say, "Thanks to all the fans who helped make the week so special. We are resting up this week but have a big show in Durham Friday night. Get your tickets quick!"

Since they returned home on Memorial Day, they want you to please enjoy this rendition of "Hawk" as a remembrance of those we have lost in the service of our country.

"There's a lot of growing up in this record," muses Dave Wilson, Chatham County Line's vocalist and guitarist. "The next generation is coming. We're maturing in this world and seeing things through a different set of eyes – and that materializes in a lot of these songs…" "At the end of the day," Wilson continues, "you really want to write songs that have a reason for existing. For Tightrope, we worked together very closely on every decision and every word and every bit of everything to try to make it fit. We want every song to be on the greatest hits or the live album."

Tightrope Tracks List:

  1. "The Traveler"
  2. "Should Have Known"
  3. "Any Port in a Storm"
  4. "Girl She Used to Be"
  5. "Tightrope of Love"
  6. "Sixteen Years"
  7. "Love I Found"
  8. "Hawk"
  9. "Ships At Sea"
  10. "Will You Still Love Me"
  11. "Final Reward

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