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Johnny Possum Band: New Album, Planning USA Tour

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Short SummerThe Johnny Possum Band has been around since 2005, released 5 CD’s, been nominated for some awards, visited the USA three times The band is currently in the final stages of releasing their 6th CD and the initial stages of planning our 4th visit to the USA.

The band has had a line-up change and has now 4 members, and a maturing musical sound. The group began 9 years ago as a bluegrass band and then matured into a folk/bluegrass band, then began to incorporate strong Americana themes in our last CD Short Summer (2012), and this latest CD sees the sound fully move into the Americana genre. You can check out the band playing at Music City Roots in Nashville during our last visit.

At this stage we are planning a visit from Friday August 29th til Saturday September 13th and are looking to lock in a few cornerstone gigs and would love your advice about venues to play during this time. We have few locked in already but need your expert advice to help us identify and contact suitable venues. You can read more about the band on our website

The band has played extensively throughout New Zealand at festivals, events and their own tours. They have also gained international exposure with three mini tours of the USA. The first in 2007 saw them receive the ‘Rising Legends’ Award from the National Old Time Country and Bluegrass Association. Their 2nd visit in 2008 received rave reviews and a growing fan base as they toured the musical heartland of the USA travelling through Tennessee, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia and Maryland. Their 3rd in 2012 saw them appear at such world renowned venues as Music City Roots in Nashville (TV Appearance), Song of the Mountains in Marion (TV Appearance), and the Blue Plate Special in Knoxville.

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