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There is Blue Smoke On The Horizon

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Blue SmokeNashville, TN -- With just a week to go before music superstar Dolly Parton releases her 42nd studio album Blue Smoke on May 13th to retail, Dolly offers up a few ‘bundles’ for those music enthusiasts that pre-order her latest musical endeavor.

“I really wanted to do an album that had all the colors of my whole career,” says Dolly Parton. “We have some bluegrass stuff, some gospel flavored things, and we have some mountain style stuff. We also did a cover of Bon Jovi’s ‘Lay Your Hands On Me’ as a gospel song, and it’s absolutely great. We did a cover of Bob Dylan’s ‘Don’t Think Twice,’ which has always been a favorite of mine. We did it the Americana way, with plucking guitars and finger-picking and bluegrass harmonies. I love choosing other peoples’ songs, doing some covers. It was really a special album to do. It was fun to do.”

A special video message from Dolly, herself, as well as an extra sampling of exclusive tracks can be purchased online through The Walmart version of Blue Smoke includes four exclusive bonus tracks, “Get Up Get On Get Out”, “Olive Branch”, “Early Morning Breeze”, and “Angels In The Midst” for the special price of $11.88. If you order online at, you will also receive a free digital copy. Order online here:

For the thousands of fans that ordered Dolly’s album during her live one-hour special on QVC, Parton offered up an additional bonus of five (5) songs. That bonus CD, included live versions of Parton’s classics, “9 to 5”, “I Will Always Love You”, “Jolene”, “Two Doors Down’, and Dolly’s first million selling single “Here You Come Again”. For those that missed the opportunity, but would still like to receive this special bonus package can order online at QVC ( for the special price of $18.50 plus shipping.

At Dolly’s official website,, three different music bundles are now available.

$20.00 – Bundle #1 includes the Blue Smoke CD along with a commemorative Blue Smoke laminate with lanyard

$50.00 – Bundle # 2 includes the Blue Smoke CD, Blue Smoke Tour T-Shirt, Dolly Mudflap Logo KeyChain, and Blue Smoke Coffee Mug

$300.00 – Bundle # 3 (Limited to 25 only!!) includes autographed Blue Smoke CD, autographed Blue Smoke Vinyl, Blue Smoke Tour T-Shirt, Dolly Mudflap Logo KeyChain, Blue Smoke Coffee Mug, and a limited edition Dolly Lithograph

Blue Smoke is also available online at:
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