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Two Brand New CD's from Donna Hughes Coming

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Donna HughesSinger-Songwriter Donna Hughes announced that she has recorded 29 brand new songs and now, she's looking for fants to help her bring not one but, two new CDs to the market. She has two new albums and two music videos releasing in 2014. From The Heart, a Bluegrass album, and a piano album, Fly.

On Donna's Indegogo support page she says, "I just finished recording two new albums at Hilltop Studios in Nashville with the extraordinarily talented Engineer, Steve Chandler along with some of the most talented musicians I've ever heard including Tim Stafford, Scott Vestal, Rob Ickes, Jenee Fleenor, Cory Piatt, Lucas White, Zak McLamb, John Catchings and Mark Fain."

In 2001, she self-released her first album entitled Somewhere in Time, where the songwriter wrote 9 of the 15 songs. In 2003, she released Same Old Me and she wrote all 21 songs on that collection. Her next two albums were released on Rounder Records: Gaining Wisdom was released in 2007 and she wrote 12 of the 14 songs on that album which was produced by Tony Rice. Donna's 2010 album, Hellos, Goodbyes, and Butterflies, was produced by J.D. Crowe and the songwriter wrote all 15 tracks.

Donna says, "I can't believe I'm taking on two new album releases simultaneously, but since my last album release, I've go so many new songs I want to share with you. One album is a bluegrass album, and the other is an album full of piano and strings. I am really excited to be working on these two new fabulous projects! That is why my funding is a little high because we completed 29 songs for these two album releases. Most artists record between 6-12 songs."

In the past, record labels offered recording budgets that covered all of these expenses, but the world has changed. With the creation of sites such as Indigogo, now the artist can release records with more participation from fans like you. This also allows the artist much more creative freedom and get new music out in a much more timely manner. In the past, with the assistance of a record label, it took an average of three years to release a new album.

Visit and help by contributing if you can. In any case, you can use your social networking page to help spread the word about this exciting project and share the site with more viewers.

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