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American Drive Releases a New Spin on Abe Lincoln Favorite

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American DriveNashville, TN -- Rural Rhythm Records is proud to announce the May 6 release of American Drive’s new single “For The Dear Old Flag, I Die”. This song has a timely element surrounding its release due to the multitude of American Civil War 150 Year Anniversary events that have been going on over the past several years which will culminate in 2015.

“For The Dear Old Flag, I Die” is a Union song, one of Abraham Lincoln’s favorite songs, which interprets the last words of a brave little drummer boy who was fatally wounded at the Battle of Gettysburg in 1863. The song was originally a poem written by George Cooper and the music added later by Stephen Foster.

Dwight McCall from American Drive explains the development of the new song. “I ran across this song and thought that it was kind of slow... I had a melody that was really different than what I was hearing from the words. So I sat down and put the words to this new melody and it just rolled into what you hear on the new single. I loved the words and the story it's telling...”

Verse 1
For the dear old Flag I die,
Said the wounded drummer boy;
Mother, press your lips to mine;
O, they bring me peace and joy!
'Tis the last time on earth
I shall ever see your face
Mother take me to your heart,
Let me die in your embrace.

For the dear old Flag I die,
Mother, dry your weeping eye;
For the honor of our land
And the dear old Flag I die,

Verse 2
Do not mourn, my mother, dear,
Every pang will soon be o'er;
For I hear the angel band
Calling from their starry shore;
Now I see their banners wave
In the light of perfect day,
though 'tis hard to part with you,
Yet I would not wish to stay.

For the dear old Flag I die,
Mother, dry your weeping eye;
For the honor of our land
And the dear old Flag I die.

Verse 3
Farewell mother, Death's cold hand
Weighs upon my spirit now,
And I feel his blighting breath
Fan my pallid cheek and brow.
Closer! closer! to your heart,
Let me feel that you are by,
While my sight is growing dim,
For the dear old Flag I die.

The single was produced by American Drive and includes band members Dwight McCall (mandolin, lead vocals and tenor vocals), Matt DeSpain (dobro, lead vocals on the chorus), Adam McIntosh (guitar, baritone vocals), Kyle Perkins (bass) and Shane Bartley (banjo).

The single will be available to the radio community on May 6th through AirPlay Direct. The single will also be included on the upcoming Fresh Cuts & Key Tracks, (No. 1 - 2014) Radio CD mailing out to radio stations in the second week of May.

This highly anticipated follow up album to American Drive’s debut album, which reached #1 on the Sirius/XM - Bluegrass Junction – Most Played Album Chart, will contain several special guests and is scheduled for a fall release.

A 2012 IBMA Showcase Artist, American Drive is currently on tour in support of their 2012 debut album American Drive released on Rural Rhythm Records. Visit for a complete listing of their tour dates.

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